New Cover Reveals

In a heartbreaking turn of events Musa Publishing has closed. Musa was home to me as an editor, intern, and author for over three years. My cohort in sexy crime, Vanessa North, had books there as well. Between the two of us, I believe eleven books have been pulled. Including my Seducing Kate. So sad!

Not only is it upsetting that these and other amazing books have lost their homes, but Musa really was a wonderful publisher. The directors of the company truly invested in their writers and staff. As a matter of fact, I guarantee I learned more from working and interning at Musa than I did in my two year master in publishing program. They took me in and gave much more than they received.

I’m not sure what Vanessa has planned for her now pulled books, but after yo-yoing quite a bit, I’ve decided on re-releasing my books. This has made for an insane week of rushing to get new books put together before so when my rights revert they are still available.

The rush? My new series is about to come out and Mama needs more than one book on the market. I don’t want to gain new readers and then have nothing else to offer. So, the decision was made. Imma jump right into self-publishing with both feet rather than tip-toeing like I was planning to do with the Stonehill Romance series.

And there’s no better way to do that than with a few cover reveals, right? (links are to Amazon pre-sale….still working on getting everything up and running, but soon, my pretties!)

First up, Seducing Kate:

Seducing Kate_510

Okay, not going to lie. I think this is a very yummy cover.

Next up, Marci’s sweet romance Forever Yours:

Forever Yours_510

Next…okay, this isn’t a new cover because I had made this one myself and they kept it, but up until now, this wasn’t available anywhere but Musa… The Legend of Sarah Latham.



So now, you’re saying, “But, Em, that’s only three books…”

Yes, you are correct.

The Messenger will be keeping its cover because it was previously released through another company and when I got my rights back, I bought the cover art. Sure, I could redo it, and maybe I will once I have a few minutes to breathe (this week has been insanity). Right now, The Messenger has a re-release date of March 27 because it needs an editorial overhaul. With that, may come a new cover.

As for Unforgettable You, I’m going to incorporate that into my new Stonehill Romance series. I will be re-released in January 2016 with a similar, but slightly different cover.

And that’s that. There you have it. Out with the old, in with the new.

And please, tip your hat to Musa Publishing. They did amazing things. Publishing is just a bitch of an industry.


4 thoughts on “New Cover Reveals

  1. I am sorry you lost a job you obviously loved Em, it is not an easy thing to replace. I applaud your jump into the self-pub world with both feet – I do like the new cover for Kate.

    Good luck & many blessings on your future endeavours. And release info when Stonehill is ready please! 🙂


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