An uncluttered space. An uncluttered mind.

I suppose it’s fitting that this post should follow Jianne’s post about work spaces yesterday. I looked around my writing space today (our spare bedroom), lamenting that it had grown cluttered again, and I realized it needed a good spring cleaning.

Oh, it’s not dirty, but like so many spare bedrooms, it tends to accumulate the junk we haven’t yet put away. So there are piles of old kids’ clothes on the bed, waiting for the next charity pick-up truck. There are stacks of bills and papers that need to be filed. And don’t even get me started on my writing items. I have notebooks and papers on just about every surface.

It’s no wonder my recent manuscript has felt a bit stalled lately. I can’t think while surrounded by chaos.

I’ve always been of the opinion that an uncluttered space leads to an uncluttered mind. At heart, I do enjoy a good purge. I love throwing old things away. I’m like my mom that way. She hates trinkets and knick knacks and seeing things laying about, and so do I.

And I will admit, when I have allowed my environment to get messy, my life seems to follow suit. My writing definitely reacts similarly. If I’m surrounded by junk, so is my story. In order to see clearly, sometimes we need to remove the refuse from our path. Call it the feng shui of writing. Call it whatever you want. But in my case, a regular purge does appear to help. When my home is tidy, I feel better and I sleep better and I write with ease. When my home is messy, I feel a burden. I don’t know about you, but I find it hard to create when I can’t stop thinking of all the chores I haven’t done.

For anyone who is currently stalled in her writing process, I would urge you to look around. Does your writing space need a little spring cleaning? If so, take a few moments and dust off that dust rag. You might be surprised at how it affects your writing for the better.

10 thoughts on “An uncluttered space. An uncluttered mind.

  1. My feelings exactly —-

    But until I get the swag bags and other upcoming convention stuff on their way to Dallas for RT – my office, by definition, will be cluttered. At least I got the tax stuff off to the accountant. I still have a nice accordion file of medical bills generated by hubby’s quintuple bypass crisis of early February – at least they are organized in an accordion file, right?

    Oh, and I have painters coming in this week to start interior updates. Prognosis? Short term chaos leading to long-term decluttering and cleaning of areas that have needed it for the past several months (son moved out so basement areas need cleaning and organizing). And don’t get me started on the big garage reorganization which will involve paint, new storage units, and the floor polymered.

    Spring is here and I am updating, decluttering, and cleaning — I can only pray it leads to faster writing because I need to get the next SSI done.


    • I’m pulling for you, Moni, on all accounts. I know you can do it. Or do what I do…just put the stuff in another pile. Works (almost) every time. 😉


  2. When things are cluttered, I begin to feel bogged down. Frustration sets in based on my own disappointment that I haven’t gotten things organized. I don’t have a writers space. I use the kitchen table with my MacBook, but as things in my life become hectic the pile beside me at the end of the table gets bigger and bigger and the part of the table we eat at gets smaller and smaller! Our summer project is to turn the guest room in to a writers room. I have a feeling that it will get as cluttered as my kitchen table in no time. Thanks for the post Rosanna, it’s a great reminder that a clear space can mean a clear mind!


    • Thanks Brooke! I hope your writing room turns into the retreat it deserves to be, rather than what has become my occasional dumping ground. LOL


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