Spring Means More Audio Books

2015-03-24 10.45.16

Spring has arrived in Eastern Tennessee

2015-03-24 10.43.54

My spring garden

My daffodils are out. Yea!

My early spring garden is planted. Oh, yeah, look who’s on top of the season.

The grass is growing.

The last statement brings a variety of sentiments depending on your relationship with constantly cutting the green growth. I look forward to mowing because it’s mindless me time when I can get lost in a book.

I am addicted to audio books so I plug in the ear buds to my iPod, hop on the riding lawn mower let someone read to me for the next four hours. I mow about four acres.

1980s cassette player

I had a cassette player like this on my car seat

I’ve listened to books for over twenty-five years. Back in the eighties, as the mother of small children and owner of a large advertising agency, I didn’t have time to read. I put a portable cassette player on my car seat – yes, I’m that old that cars didn’t have them – and listened to self-help books between clients and day care. Over time, I stepped up to CDs which were a Godsend while driving the four hours each way every weekend to join my family in Tennessee while I lived in Kentucky awaiting the sale of our house there. It took sixteen months to sell…too many books to count.

Audio books started me on the journey to become a romance author. During the year we built our new house, while hanging insulation, laying tile and painting, I spent endless hours listening to more than 500 audio books. I got hooked on romance, specifically romantic suspense. Then I wrote a book, which I hope will get sold and published this summer.


I listen to 5-8 audio books every month, more in the summer

Last night I scanned Audible for new books since I have to mow today, and discovered several new listings, which came as no surprise. Audio books are the fastest growing segment of book publishing. Amazon expects by the end of 2016, it will comprise 20 percent of book sales. ACX, a division of Amazon, produces over 1,000 titles every month.

As a reader, that means more choices. As an author, it’s a category of publishing I must seriously consider.

How about you?

Readers – Do you listen to audio books? How often? What are you listening to now?

Authors – Have you turned any of your books into audio? If so, post a link.

4 thoughts on “Spring Means More Audio Books

    • I would have died of boredom driving alone through the mountains for four hours each way without my audio books. When I drive home to NY it’s the same way…nine hours in the car alone. I have to confess, regular radio with all its commercials drives me crazy. Plug me into a good book and the hours melt away.


  1. Fourteen of my books are currently in production for audio. Five back list Harlequins, (one released today!), six dark romantic suspense novels I wrote for Berkley and an indie published trilogy I’ve since sold to Thomas and Mercer. It was a novel experience for me since I’ve never experienced audio.

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