“I’ll take Potpourri for $100, Alex”

If you love Jeopardy as much as I do, you know the category – the answers could be anything. So, I felt it was appropriate to use as the title of this blog, because I am addressing a little bit of everything. 🙂

MM_SSI4_StormWarning_300x400First, I’d like to announce the names I chose for the secondary characters in Storm Warning, SSI Book 4, and my current WIP.  If y’all recall, I asked for help a while back and I finally got around to choosing the final names after mulling them over and letting my Muse pick the ones that struck her fancy.

There could be spoilers for anyone who has not read Weather the Storm, so you might want to skip these.  🙂

1. Dept. of Defense Capt. Syd MacLean escapes in the early part of Weather the Storm. He escapes to Rio where he undergoes plastic surgery and then takes on the identity of a reclusive Brazilian import-export businessman that he had set up many years ago.  Of course, his business is a front for illegal trafficking of all kinds. His alternative identity is feared in Central and South America, mainly because of the men who enforce his dictates.

Name:  Sergio Manuel Lazaro aka “Oraio” (storm or lightning) — suggested by Valy Samouillan.

2.  The man who is the front man for Oraio’s Brazilian business is a red-haired Irish-looking male.  He is the man who puts together the hack-a-thon that Tweeter and DJ infiltrate in Belize to gather intelligence for NSA about the reclusive Brazilian businessman who is no longer so reclusive and who is making power moves in the Southern hemisphere. He is glib and personable, but underneath he is a shark.

Name:  Declan O’Riley — suggested by Heather Hand.

3.  The negotiator for Oraio’s business.  This is the guy who is GQ handsome in a South American sort of Latin lover way.  He negotiates from a position of strength and power and usually meets little opposition, but when he does he sends in the business’s enforcer.

Name:  Alejandro Salazar – suggested by Erin Bentley.

4.  The enforcer for Oraio’s business.  He is also Latin American, but he looks like he would eat babies for breakfast.  He is scarred from torture in a Colombian prison. He is ruthless.

Name:  Alberto Rossi aka “the Albatross” – suggested by Heather Hand.

5.  And I needed a name for Tweeter’s alter ego on the Dark Net which he uses to get invited to the hack-a-thon.  I needed both his Dark Net handle and false identity name that he and Keely created with the DIA’s help so he could troll the shadow net for terrorists, drug runners, gun traffickers and the like.  His reputation on the Dark Net makes him the man to beat out for the job being offered at the end of the hack-a-thon.

Dark Net handle:  Phantom/Alternate identity name: Erik Slade– suggested by Valy Samouillan.

THANK YOU  for all the fabulous suggestions.  The winning names will be acknowledged in the front of Storm Warning.

And don’t be surprised if some of the other names y’all suggested appear in a future SSI book.  I am keeping all of them with the person’s name who suggested them and will acknowledge if and when I use them.

11650_mlt_fiber_optic_hair_clip_modelv2_600Second, my Swag bag dilemma. I want to thank everyone who made suggestions, but I decided to stick with the gallon-size Zip-lock bag. I pulled the barrette out of its plastic sleeve and folded the cardboard backer so I could put the barrette into the bag and then added the other goodies.  That worked the best since it would also make it easier for the stuffers to stuff the goody bags and it kept all my swag together.  I am happy to say all the swag is bagged and now boxed and just waiting for April 6th to arrive so my shipment doesn’t get to Texas too early.

If you’re coming to RT in Dallas, you’ll definitely want to attend the Intergalactic Bar and Grille on Friday evening (May 15) for multitudinous swag, munchies and wine, and lots of games in which you can win great loot.  I’ll be there as one of Linnea Sinclair’s crew.

charm bracelet less beadsThird, after all the fun at RT in Dallas, I will be coming home and then almost immediately leaving for Lori Foster’s Reader-Author Get Together in Cincinnati in early June.  I along with six other authors will be manning the Liquid Silver boardroom.  This is LSB’s parent company’s 15th anniversary year, so we are going to have lots of games and prizes.

If you are quick enough off the mark on the first full day (Friday, June 5th), you’ll hit the LSB boardroom early to get a chance to be Charmed by An LSB Author. The number of participants will be limited. The early birds will get a bangle bracelet loaded with a silver drop and some beads. Then the fun begins.

This is an “author hunt” game — you will hunt down the seven LSB authors to collect charms for the bracelet. Once the bracelet is completed, i.e., you collect all seven author charms, you will get a chance to win another prize (TBA). Easy and fun!!

Now, I might be prejudiced, but the bracelet itself is worth playing for.  Dontcha think? Again, numbers will be limited.  So, if you are attending RAGT, plan on being outside the LSB boardroom when it opens that Friday morning.

The participating authors besides myself?  KaLyn Cooper (my LL&L buddy!!), Eve Langlais, Wendi Zwaduk/Megan Slayer, Kelli Evans, Maddy Barone, and Lynn Rae/ J.J. Lore. These ladies are fabulous and fun people.

And, last but not least, just wanted to let my fans know that because of my husband’s quintuple bypass surgery in early February, I am way off schedule in writing Storm Warning. As Rosanna and Lynn both so eloquently blogged here at LL&L, sometimes life just gets in the way.

So, I am promising you–I do plan to finish Tweeter and DJ’s story, but I can’t promise when it will be published.  I have to get back into the rhythm of writing. I have not written a single new word since the day my husband was told he needed surgery and that was February 4th.  I have done some hard copy edits and am now transferring those to the computer manuscript as a means of getting back into the story.  And I have, as detailed above, with the help of my fans and friends, named the characters who’d only previously been labeled “bad guy 1”, “bad guy 2”, and so on.  🙂

Good news is — I am dreaming the story again, which means my Muse is ready to get back to to work. I am cautiously optimistic that I can finish the story soon.  Then the revising and rewriting begins.  But every step forward is that much closer to typing “the End.”

Thanks to all of you for your support and good wishes while my husband and I dealt with this very life-altering event — and trust me, it is life-altering.  While he is recovering nicely, he will always have the wires in his sternum (hubby being a pathologist can detail all the potential issues with such) and have to deal with changes in his lifestyle.

I’m just blessed that my soul mate and love of my life for 45 years is still here to, as he always says with a naughty grin, “to make your life wonderful.”  xoxoxo– Monette

4 thoughts on ““I’ll take Potpourri for $100, Alex”

  1. Oh WOW Moni – you liked 2 of mine. I am thrilled – I loved #3 so looking forward to #4! And I am also thrilled to hear your Muse is getting back into your head – life can throw you curves that nearly drive you off track & over a cliff. I get it – trust me. Just glad to hear you are getting “your normal” back.

    So happy your hubby is doing well, he had some major surgery. And he is right – those titanium things inside you can impact your life forever! The parts in my spine apparently aren’t too big of a deal medically but they will still show up on an airport security X-ray machine so Yeah – that is going to be LOADS of fun!



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