Let the blog hop begin


The Road Leads Back is available for Pre-Order Click on image

I am so excited, guys!

Monday I am kicking off my The Road Leads Back Blog Tour. This book is very close to my heart (wait, I say that every about every book, don’t I? Well, it’s always true!). I am beyond thrilled that it is almost time to spring it upon the world.

I’ll be making several stops at some of my favorite blogs to share stories, blurbs, excerpts, and contest information. Want to win a signed copy and some awesome swag??

Then I hope you’ll join me along the way. Here’s my schedule:

Monday, March 30:  Rants and Raves by KaLyn Cooper

Tuesday, March 31: Christy Gissendaner

Wednesday, April 1: Sara Daniel

Thursday, April 2: Emilia Mancini (What? I’m totally allowed to host myself!)

Friday, April 3:  Sam Cheever’s Eclectic Insights

Monday, April 6: Lizzie’s Way (Lizzie T. Leaf)

Tuesday, April 7: Jianne Carlo

Wednesday, April 8: Parker Kincade

Thursday, April 9: The Gemini Girls and Sotia Lazu

Friday, April 10: Romantic Imperative with Monette Michaels

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