I Hate April!

Satan-Jianne_Carlo-200x320April is a month that bedevils me. It’s the month I was born in. It’s the month I birthed my last son. It’s also the month my father died. On April 4. Gosh I hate that day. Every year it yawns at me from the minute the new year breaks.

I’m hoping to make April a  different month this year because I have a book, an important one, releasing this month. Satan, Hades Squad Book #5, released on April 2nd. Satan finishes the Hades Squad tales. And I hope it marks an end to my anguish.

Here’s an excerpt from Satan’s tale:


The sharp note to Satan’s tone made Angel connect with his stare, she shrugged. “I keep catching people staring at me.”

He chortled. “You’re a stunning redhead with incredible baby blues, the legs of a Vegas chorus girl, a centerfold rack, and you’re over six feet in your heels. Of course people stare at you. I bet if you walked by a construction crew, you’d cause a riot.”

“That’s blunt.” She nabbed a paper napkin from a holder.

“Why did that tick you off?” He imitated her action with the napkin.

“I’ve been judged by my looks all my life. I was thin and gangly, and my hair was basically an afro until I went to college. My childhood and adolescence were miserable. Kids teased me without mercy. The ‘pretty’ girls in class bullied me. I got to college. One of the girls in my residence, who was a model, gives me a makeover and introduces me to keratin hair straightening. I go on the pill and develop these puppies. All of a sudden I’m beautiful.” She grabbed a roll from the basket on the table and tore it in half.

“Hey.” He caught her chin, inspected her features, and said, the surprise evident in the tone and timbre of his voice, “You don’t think you’re beautiful. You really don’t.”

“I look in the mirror, and I see the too-thin girl with a frizzy mop.” What on earth was wrong with her? She’d never admitted that to anyone.

He frowned. “I’m trying to reconcile what you’re saying with the little black dress and no underwear.”

“Jess had the dress delivered to me and instructed me to not show up if I wasn’t going to wear it. I hate strapless bras, and that was the only choice with that dress. Besides, the bodice was fitted and made of spandex and supported me fine. I tried panties, but the lines showed under the dress, so I decided not to wear anything. I did try panty hose, but it showed too and felt wrong.” A fire washed over her throat and face, but she was angry with him, and it served him right to know the truth.

He burst into a fit of hoots.

“That wasn’t funny.” Her lips twitched. He had the most infectious laugh, a real Santa Claus type of booming belly guffaw.

She cuffed his bicep, winced when her knuckles met steel-hard muscles, and then grinned. “Okay. Maybe it’s funny now, but it sure wasn’t at the time. I cannot believe I’m telling you this. You are never, never, ever to even hint of this to anyone. Promise?”

“Not even the tiniest hin—”

She set her palm to his mouth. “Promise. On your military honor.”

The man even smelled dangerous, a mixture of musky spice and ocean breeze. He should bottle the aroma and market it.

“I promise. On my word as a SEAL.” He spoke the words in a solemn tone and even held his hand over his heart, but those black-as-sin eyes danced the devil at her.

For a long pin-drop moment, they simply smiled at each other.

He ran the back of his hand over her cheek. “I like you.”

“I like you, too.” The instantaneous declaration popped out of her mouth, flooring her. She never spoke without thinking. Had learned that lesson early on in her career after a disastrous interview with the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago.


Hope you have a merry Monday!



7 thoughts on “I Hate April!

  1. I am excited about more books from you! Yay for me.

    I’m very sorry for you loss and I do understand about April. I lost my father November 9, (2010) but his birthday is in April. Every year as it approaches I wonder if it will hurt any less and it never does, but it does get easier to remember the fun times and the family moments we shared in the years we did have together.

    Sometimes all we can do is take the good with the bad and keep forward focused. And depend on the love and family we still have around us. (((hugs)))


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