A new month and a new cover!

As Jianne mentioned yesterday, certain months of the year tend to carry associations. So far, April hasn’t been wonderful for me, but I was pleased to get a little bit of good news in the shape of a new cover. That’s right, as revealed yesterday on my own blog, we now have a cover for Vice, my Samhain Publishing release for Sept. I couldn’t resist sharing it here as well.



I know this release is still a few months away, but I am excited to see it come together. I think, of all my books, Vice is the most personal and the most edgy. You won’t find as much fun banter in this one. I’ve definitely veered away from romantic comedy here. I wanted it to strike deep because the issues in it have certainly hit me. Dealing with the world of gambling, it was an important book for me to write. Not only do my characters have to battle a few demons, I may have had to vanquish one or two myself.

I’ll be sure to share more when we get closer to the release date, but I’m proud to share the blurb with you today.


Kate Callender is a Las Vegas singer who counsels the families of compulsive gamblers. Liam Doyle owns the hottest casino hotels in Sin City. They are natural enemies. However, when Kate embarks on a protest of Liam’s properties, they are confronted with a mutual attraction that disturbs and excites them.

Liam is determined to hate the meddling Kate, but when she offers him an unexpected moment of kindness, his feelings change. Their emotions intensify when they scratch the surface and learn there is more to both of them than meets the eye.

A vile attack makes Liam want to draw her close and they begin a sexual odyssey that overwhelms them. Kate fears they might drown in their addiction to each other. They succumb to vice and to their searing needs, but will they lose themselves in the process?

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