Spring Has Sprung And Out Come … The Critters

Yes, it is Spring, and aren’t we all glad, BUT — and there’s always a but, isn’t there? — with Spring comes PESTS.  Bet ya thought only showers and flowers came with Spring … um, no.

Usually in our household, Spring is when the pest control people get to come and re-bait all the traps in the crawl space and garage.  A job I do not envy them.  Crawl spaces have creepy crawly things in them — and most likely dead mice bodies from last year. EEUW.

But this year we have critters  in between the walls and above the ceiling in our master bedroom.  What kinds of critters?  I don’t know, and I don’t care–I want them gone.  We first heard them last night skittering and scratching and thumping and bumping as they played tag or procreated or whatever they were doing.  They seem to be nocturnal since the noise was gone during the day.

My pest control people don’t do unspecified critters — just insects and mice and maybe rats as long as they don’t meet critter-size criteria (whatever that is).  So they sent me to Tim.  And Tim is gonna be my man if he can get the little beasties out of my wall.

Being an author, I, of course, imagined the uninvited critter invaders eating their way to freedom through the drywall into our bedroom while we were asleep. (The outside of the house is all brick.)

Never happen, you say?  Well, it has happened and I know of someone that it has happened to. These very nice people  ended up with a momma and poppa  and baby raccoon in bed with them at 3 am in the morning.  Craziness then ensued.  I do not want to be that person who is chasing raccoons around my house with a broom in the middle of the night, trying to get them outside.

So, yeah, Tim is my go-to guy.

Now, I just have to wait for him to call me back after he did his walk-around my house.  I guess Tim has a lot of experience at this job (or my pest control people wouldn’t send him their good customers) and he can tell by looking where some creature got in. I sure hope so since my hubby went up in the attic and found nada signs of invaders.

Sight unseen, Tim has surmised birds — starlings to be exact.  Hmm, if they’re starlings, then there was a whole flock of them because they made quite a racket — all night long.

Me?  I’m thinking hungry, angry raccoons.  Tonight, I’ll have my broom handy, just in case.

4 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung And Out Come … The Critters

  1. Oh gosh, Moni. Been there and it’s crazy! Our wall friends were mice, (and perhaps a red squirrel or two) although they sounded like rabbits with the way they pounded the walls. Unbelievable. Stick with Tim and good luck!


  2. Tim will earn legend status if he can safely remove your visitors. I’m not big on the Kill-zone type exterminators. And I’m really hoping you don’t get a family of racoons visiting you at 3.00am. LOL While it makes a funny scene in a book, the reality is likely to have me screaming and calling the fire department. And with my “bed hair” look, that doesn’t equate to sexy times. 😉


    • Hi, Fiona! I am assured that Tim is a trapper and will repatriate the little critters whatever they are. Tim must be having a busy season since he has not gotten back with me yet. But I am persistent and want the critters gone, so I will be tracking Tim down and getting a verdict. My hubby went above the house but could see nothing which means to me, they are sneaky little buggers. We are now thinking squirrels.

      As for the mice problems? I have no sympathy for mice. Pest control is coming on Monday and baiting the traps in my crawl space and garage and furnace room where the access to the crawl space is. I had mice in my silverware drawer in my kitchen – just think, you open the drawer to get a spoon and a mouse peeks out. Uh, no. Before we went with the pest control service for the mice, my hubby put traps with peanut butter as bait in the drawer. I’d hear them snap in the middle of the night and I made him get up and help me dispose of them – then I’d disinfect the drawer in the middle of the night! Yes, I am A-type. BTW silverware had already been removed and put through the dishwasher and relocated until the mice in the drawer issue was taken care of. I still keep an eye on that drawer – had no clue what they found in the silverware drawer to eat – but they were there. Ugh. I get the creepy crawlies just remembering.


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