Confessions of a Netflix cheater

Like so many other couples out there in America, the hubs and I are habitual Netflix bingers. We pick a show, spend each and every week night (and a few weekends if necessary) watching from start to end…or at least as much as Netflix has posted. This has become our married-life bonding ritual. Curled on the couch night after night debating the time and if we should watch “just one more…” before going to bed and crashing from sheer Netflix-induced exhaustion.

I’ve seen the complaints from partners like us. “Did you watch ahead?” Oh, yes, that is a crime punishable by removal of snack privileges for at least one night, possibly two.

I would never, ever consider watching ahead. That’s just flat out disrespectful.

But I have a confession. I have to admit something.

While I would never watch ahead, I have been known to… *whispering* check IMDb to see what happens in future episodes.

I did it with Bones. (I knew the wedding was coming before my husband did. I also know who is going to die in the next season and it isn’t even on Netflix yet.) I did it with Fringe. (I knew who they were going to meet in the future.) And now I’ve done it with Arrow. And damn it! Now I know who dies in season two and I’m dying because I can’t talk to him about it.

This is a deep dark treachery that I feel really guilty about, but then again I don’t because I didn’t “watch ahead” I just “researched ahead” and nobody ever said that was off limits.

Anyway. I’m suffering at the hands of my Netflix betrayal because I want to watch ahead, but I can’t. And I can’t keep asking him to stay up until midnight just to get to that episode. And I can’t tell him why I need him to hurry up and get through the season.

*Sigh* This is my comeuppance, I suppose. The price I must pay for being a Netflix cheater. I could confess. Tell him the truth. That I read the episode breakdowns online. That I know what’s going to happen. But I just don’t think I can stand to see the look of disappointment in his eyes when he realizes my shock at some pretty “unexpected” events was fake.

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