So Much Swag…So Little Room

My office is filled with swag!…and it’s driving me nuts.

I assure you, I am NOT a neat freak. Notice there are no pictures of my actual desk.

But I have limits.

2015-05-20 13.55.34I am in between conferences so I have bags and bags of goodies that will promote my books at the next conference. In three weeks I will be attending the Lori Foster Reader-Author Get Together outside Cincinnati, Ohio. It’s my fourth year at this con so I am excited about seeing many of the “regulars”, both my author friends and those readers who make the trek every year.

ragt-signing-2015Since RAGT15 is primarily a reader conference with only 100 authors and 400 readers—which sells out within minutes by the way—I need LOTS of swag. I’ll be in the Liquid Silver Boardroom for most of the three-day conference playing Sweet Twisted BINGO, giving a workshop on Social Media, and helping the other LSB authors with their allotted time slot.

I have items to create prizes for the winners of BINGO, like old-fashioned Coke glasses filled with Mentos. Get it? Coke and Mentos is an Explosive Combination…my first book. Do you have any idea how much space those glasses take up?

palm tree Charms-Silver-PlatedFinished-Silver---p2083fxb

I will be giving out the Palm Tree charm for my Cancun series

On top of that, I am partaking in the Charming Authors where each LSB author will be giving away charms to 200 lucky readers. Once their charm bracelets are completed, they can enter to win a Kindle Fire, beautiful jewelry, books, and swag. Luckily, thanks to the wonderful Wendi Zwaduk, I don’t have to store the charms here, but I do have the bookmarks with the instructions.


Readers will collect 14 cards, one from each participating author, then they can be entered to win prizes

Then there’s the Brag Book of Awesome Authors where 100 readers will collect cards from the fourteen participating authors, then enter to win prizes. Not only do I have the books themselves, but I also have the cards that go into the front and back covers. Some assembly required.

As with most conferences, authors make baskets to be raffled off, the money going to charity. I have committed to two for the main conference and several for the LSB Boardroom. One will contain Coke and Mentos and the other will promote my Cancun series with Margarita glasses, flip flops, beach ball, and beach related items. Did I mention the wine? Yes, there will also be some of my family’s wine.

Last, but certainly not least, I have to take books. I will be selling and signing books on Saturday from 3:00-5:00.

But none of that is for three weeks. Until then, all that swag fills the space beside my desk overflowing into the seating area in my office.

Maybe if I just don’t look in that direction, I won’t see it. Yeah, right, like that ‘s going to happen. NOT!

Speaking of swag –  COMMENT below and you are entered to some of my swag. 

Authors: What do you give away as swag?

Readers: What do you like to get as swag?

21 thoughts on “So Much Swag…So Little Room

    • My fav’s too! I have a whole shelf of signed books and most I’ve read on my Kindle but there’s something about that spine and knowing the author took the time to sign it.


  1. I love swag. I like things that I can use and I think they are the best because keeps the author visible, when you stare at a name on a can sleeve, you are bound to remember it. So I love the can sleeves, also pens, luggage tags, cups, shot glasses, tote bags. I also collect pins with funny sayings, bookmarks are awesome too, especially those that have the series on them, or the beaded ones are beautiful too, magnets with book covers. I had the luck of getting some awesome t-shirts too which I proudly wear 😀 Thank you for the chance to win some of yours.

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  2. I’m actually not finicky. I love books, bookmarks, trading cards, pens, totes and gift cards. Mugs are nice but I have so many (and I live with an elderly parent so I have to be careful what I have out).


  3. I enjoy meeting the Author the most but I enjoy cups jewelry, pins Magnets just about anything that a Author gives because they took the time to think of us readers and bring or give us something. I cherish my signed thing Thank you KaLyn Cooper for the chance

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  4. I love a signed book….but that’s more than swag! 🙂
    I like postcards (I can send to my world-wide reader friends). I love bookmarks that are signed and odd bits (that relate to Author or book).

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    • I have other authors’ swag everywhere in my office from the multiple conventions I attend. True story (because you know I write fiction):
      Favorite (only) daughter who works in HR: “Mom, my pens always disappear. Can I take a few of these?” as she grabs a handful.
      Me: “Sure, I’ll bet the women who work for you read Romance.”
      a few weeks later…
      FD ~ laughing: “Mom, my boss told me I wasn’t allowed to use your pens anymore. In a training session yesterday one of the new employees read the phrase “perverting one vanilla reader at a time” and wanted to know what that had to do with our company.”
      Me: “Damn, I wish I’d given you some business cards to hand out.”
      FD: “Not happening…ever.”


  5. Wish I had known about this con before hand sorry won’t be there but I love all kins of swag I don’t have much but anything that reminds me of the author. Although my memories of meeting you in person is pretty outstanding. See you in Nashville next year for sure

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    • I’m kinda hard to miss with all the blonde hair and BIG….personality. 🙂 I had some great little notebooks as swag and who could ever forget my 6-foot tall phallic symbol aka palm tree filled with Coke and plastic fish. I will most certainly be there again next year. It was a great con!


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