It’s time for summer reading!

As some of you may know, I work at my local library, as well as writing. It’s a great job for an author who needs a sideline and especially in the summer.

Summer means the kids are coming and it’s an exhilarating time for everyone associated with the library for that reason. Our local library runs a summer reading club for kids. As part of the club, kids set reading goals and receive prizes for accomplishing their goals. It’s a great way to keep children interested in books and feeling they’ve achieved new heights.


But it doesn’t have to be just for kids. Why not set goals for ourselves this summer? We all need a bit of down time and I’m never more at ease than when I’m curled up with a new book. When we read, it’s our time. Our preferences, our fantasies. Is there anything better than stretching out on a beach or by the pool and cracking the spine of a hot new romance? Or firing it up for the first time on our ereaders, watching it download? I love that anticipation.

What sorts of summer reads do you enjoy? Do you indulge in chick lit? Do you dabble in different genres? Do you refrain from darker, heavier reads and stick to lighter, fun fare?

Share some of your favorite summer books here!

Eighties Rock! by Christy Gissendaner

As I work on edits for my upcoming rocker romance, set in 1985, I’d be remiss to not touch upon the greatest decade ever! True, I may have been a “young’un”, but the 80’s truly rocked. Let me share a few examples with you good people.

1. The Music

Dear Lord, the music. Karma Chameleon, Like a Prayer, Come On Eileen, and Tainted Love – just to name a few of my favorites – truly made the 1980’s a feast for the ears.

2. The Movies

Hands up if you were a fan of John Hughes’ films. Oh man, was I ever. The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, and St. Elmo’s Fire fueled my imagination…and provided kick ass soundtracks.

3. The Fashion

Yes! Clothing of every color imaginable, layers upon layers, and leather everywhere. What’s not to love?

4. The Hair

Teased bangs. Yep, I was guilty. The bigger, the better. Who remembers the smell of White Rain?

5. Blue/Green/Pink Eyeliner

Thankfully I passed on this craze, but my friends looked like they had eye infections as pre-teens.

Thanks for going down memory lane with me. Be on the lookout for Flashback, a rocker romance coming soon. And as a bonus…want to see what Christy Gissendaner looked like in the 80’s? Okay….so I totally looked normal but who can forget Ronald??


Friends, Bette, and the nosebleed section

I’m so sorry if you’re tired of my Bette Midler stories. It’s just my thing. You know sexy books, studly heroes, and tacky boob jokes mixed in with heartfelt ballads.

Just so you know, I’m not traveling this road alone. Two of my best friends are right there with me. And

Las Vegas 2009

Las Vegas 2009

We realized last night as we had dinner and drinks before yet another Bette concert, that we’ve been taking these trips together for 20 years now.

Twenty fucking years?? I suddenly feel aged.

Now not all of our trips are concert bound, but enough are that I can safely say this isn’t just my thing. This is our thing. And I love it.

Chicago, 2015

Chicago, 2015

Last night’s concert was in Chicago and my girls and I didn’t realize until we got there we were in the nosebleed section. Actually, we were one section above the nosebleeds. One of my girls is deathly afraid of heights and spent the entire concert turned in her seat, watching me, listening to the concert, and cursing me for not getting better seats.

Even so. We had a great time and there is no better way, in my mind, to celebrate all these years of friendship than doing the thing we do.

On a side note, this time, Mr. Mancini tagged along. You know you married the right guy when he’s singing ballads right along with you. His love does have its limits, however. The souvenir stand.

Work in Progress

Yeah, it’s summertime. That means vacations at the beach, weekends in the mountains, boating on a lake, theme parks…basically having fun in the sun and enjoying nice weather.

But for many of the Love, Lust, and Laptops authors, we’re in our writing caves pounding out the next book. I thought I’d give you a glimpse as to what’s up next.

Christy Grissendaner

Title:  Flashback

Sub-genre:  Contemporary Romance

Mini Blurb:  It’s 1985 and Percival Vane, the lead singer of Jericho, is the hottest thing in music. He has it all – the fans, the money, and a gig he adores – but underneath the smoke and flashing lights, he is a tortured soul who’s learned to bury his feelings.

Anticipated Pub Date:  August 2015


Parker Kincade

Title/Series:  Southern Heat – Game On, book 2

Sub-genre:  Sports Romance

Mini Blurb:  Tyler Brady has two goals for the summer: rehabilitate his shoulder in order to get back to the game he loves, and get laid. Not necessarily in that order.

Anticipated Pub Date:  September 15, 2015


Monette Michaels

Title/Series:  Storm Warning /  Security Specialists International 4

Sub-genre:  Romantic Suspense

Mini Blurb:  Take one alpha-male geek, add in one skittish female warrioress—throw them into close proximity and you have the perfect conditions for storm warnings.

Anticipated Pub Date:  August, 2015


Rosanna Leo

Title/Series:  Predator’s Trinity / Gemini Island Shifters 6

Sub-genre:  Paranormal erotic romance

Mini Blurb:  Evil has come to Gemini Island. Will love be enough to defeat it?

Anticipated Pub Date:  Anticipated pub date: August 24, 2015


Marci Boudreaux

Title/Series:  Friends Without Benefits / Stonehill Romance Book 2

Sub-genre:  Contemporary Romance

Mini Blurb:  Sometimes a stranger is a broken heart’s best friend.

Anticipated Pub Date:  July 10, 2015


KaLyn Cooper

Title/Series:  Unrelenting Love / Black Swan Book 1

Sub-genre:  Romantic Suspense

Mini Blurb:  Trained as the original test group to prove women can succeed in US Military Special Operations, the five women of Black Swan have man troubles. It takes an Uber Alpha to capture and keep the heart of a Black Swan.

Anticipated Pub Date:  Fall 2015


Geek love is the sweetest love.

It’s official. I’ve fallen in love again. Well, a few times.

Hubs and I have been plowing our way through a couple of TV series lately and I have discovered a couple of new all-time favorite shows. I can’t get enough of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver and Silicon Valley. And it strikes me that although these are two very different programs, there is one huge similarity.

The main characters are total geeks.

Now I mean this with love and respect, having been one for my entire life. These shows feature men who are incredibly intelligent and so funny I pee myself more with every joke (not a good image, I admit, but you know what I mean.)


John Oliver keeps me in stitches. His tirades on politicians, corruption and the lunacy of the world are always on point and well-researched. You can tell this man not only does his homework, but feels passion for the subjects he presents. John Oliver can skewer a celebrity or corporation like no one can, but he does so with English humour and a healthy dose of irreverence. If I’d known him in high school, I would have begged him to be my best friend. We would have huddled in the corners at school dances and giggled at the popular kids.


And then there’s Silicon Valley. I laugh just thinking about it. The show is about a group of young IT geeks who are doing their very best to start their own computer company, and usually failing dismally because of their character flaws. These are guys with whom I could have gone to school. Smart as whips, they know everything there is to know about technology. As a result, the show is intelligent, never talking down to the audience. But they make mistakes, often huge ones, resulting in major laughs. Oh, and I have a big crush on actor T.J. Miller, who plays Erlich (the big, hairy blond guy on the right). His every line is delivered with deadly precision and the most incredible comedic timing.

So what am I really trying to say in this blog? Just this: gorgeous guys with hard abs and killer looks may be okay. But at the end of the day, if a man can’t make me think and laugh, he’ll get nowhere. Geek love is always the sweetest love.

Vikings Galore!

Come Friday, the Viking and I are headed to Norway!!!!!

Yay! This is a dream trip for me. I have long been obsessed with everything Viking. First of all, I married a Viking,  and, second, I write Viking romances. On this trip we’re visiting almost all of the Scandinavian countries, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark. We’re also hitting St Petersburg, Russia, Estonia, and Latvia.

But, for me, the highlights of our sojourn will be the visits to Birka (an ancient Viking trading settlement) and Hedeby, once the capital of the Viking world. So, I’m getting myself into Viking mode and what better way to begin than with a pictorial representation of the nine Viking Worlds.

Viking Worlds


Asgard – home of the Æsir gods

Vanaheim – home of the Vanir Gods

Alfheim – home of the Light Elves

Nidavellir – home of the Dwarfs

Midgard – home of the Humans

Jotunheim – home of the Jötnar  or Giants

Svartalfheim – home of the Black Elves

Hel – home of the Dead

Muspelheim – home of the fire Giants and Demons


Connecting all of these worlds is the mythical tree Yggdrasil, the tree of life. Here’s a wonderful depiction of Yggdrasil and the nine worlds:


Right now, I’m furiously writing what I shouldn’t be considering I have another book due—the first tale in my new Viking Invasion series—Wùlfe.

Shhhhh! No tattling on me.

Hope you have a marvelous Monday!



Hearts In Danger – Now a USA Today Bestseller!

First, let me say OH MY GOD! *snoopy dance* Just moments ago I was informed that Hearts In Danger hit #60 on the USA Today Bestseller list!  *faints*

Okay – where was I? Oh, right.

Several of us here at Love, Lust and Laptops have been affected by heart disease–directly and indirectly. Odds are, you have too. According to a recent American Heart Association journal, an estimated 85.6 million American adults (>1 in 3) have ≥1 types of cardiovascular disease. Of these, 43.7 million are estimated to be ≥60 years of age. (AHA Journal)

Those are some scary numbers, my friends. I implore you. Know the warning signs: Cold sweat, pain (can be anywhere, not just the chest), shortness of breath, nausea. Rosie O’Donnell created the acronym HEPPP to help women remember the signs–which can be different from those men experience. Hot. Exhausted. Pain. Pale. Puke. Say it with me – Hot, exhausted, pain, pale, puke. One more time … hot, exhausted, pain, pale, puke. Got it?

It’s never too late to start paying attention to your cardiovascular health. Please. Don’t delay.

I am humbled and awed by the response to Hearts In Danger. If you haven’t picked up this fabulous set – there’s still time! It’s only $0.99! (proceeds benefit the American Heart Association). And here’s what you’ll get:


FOURTEEN stories of thrilling romance to benefit the American Heart Association. These full length, Romantic Suspense stories come from NEW YORK TIMES, USA TODAY, AND NATIONAL BESTSELLING AUTHORS!

Accidental SEAL by Sharon Hamilton: Newbie Realtor Christy Nelson holds her first Open House but is given the wrong address, and finds a hot naked SEAL in the master bedroom.

Pick Your Poison by Roxanne St. Claire: Meet Benjamin Youngblood – he’s sexy, smart, spectacular and … about to lose his job for the best security firm in the world. He’s got one chance to prove himself and nothing will stop him. Not even a flower farmer.

Protective Custody by Paige Tyler: Someone is stalking reporter Paisley McCoy, and police detective Gray Beckham is the only man who can protect her. And while she might be sexy as hell, there’s no way he’s going anywhere near the captain’s daughter.

Hot Pursuit by Lynn Raye Harris: When someone starts shooting at Evie Baker, there’s only one man dangerous enough to help her–the man who broke her heart ten years ago. Hostile Operations Team soldier Matt Girard uses all his considerable black ops skill to protect Evie.

SEAL’s Honor by Elle James: Two Navy SEALs jeopardize their lives and hearts in a battle-torn land when they vie for the love of one sexy Night Stalker helicopter pilot.

Against The Dark by Carolyn Crane: Angel is an ex-safecracker forced into one last heist. Cole is an undercover agent with big plans for his gorgeous thief—he’ll make her pose as his girlfriend to help with a dangerous mission.

Hidden Prey by Cheyenne McCray: Tori is in the wrong place at the wrong time and witnesses the execution of a Federal agent by the son of the head of the Jimenez Cartel. Special Agent Landon Walker rescues Tori and sets out to protect her, but soon protecting her isn’t enough.

Dangerous Curves by Nina Bruhns: A spec ops transporter for STORM Corps takes on drones, bad guys, and car chases on the coast of Italy—and falls for a beautiful scientist whose curves are far more dangerous than the road!

Deadly Pursuit by Misty Evans: When Londano escapes a maximum security prison and begins picking off Celina’s friends and coworkers, everyone she knows becomes a target. Including DEA agent Cooper Harris, the man who once broke her heart and is now assigned to be her bodyguard.

Protecting Caroline by Susan Stoker: Caroline helps foil a terrorist plot when she finds herself on a plane that’s hijacked (with the help of three members of a SEAL team), but after she gets home she finds herself still in the sights of the terrorists. She can only hope Wolf and his team will be able to save her in time.

One Night Stand by Parker Kincade: Amanda Martin decides to have a one-night stand. No relationship, no promises just hot, indulgent sex. What she doesn’t anticipate is meeting a handsome-as-sin stranger who gives her pleasure unlike she’s ever known. A stranger with a deadly secret.

Brody by Mandy Harbin: Brody thinks the skittish Xan is sexy as hell, but it’s not her hot body that has him rocked to his core. He knows her from somewhere, and in his line of work, that’s a dangerous thing. Following orders have never been this hard, but when he finds out she’s his next assignment, he will protect her at all costs.

Enemy Mine by Megan Mitcham: Born in the blood of Sierra Leone’s Civil War, enslaved, then sold to the US as an orphan, Base Branch operative Sloan Harris is emotionally dead and driven by vengeance. With no soul to give, her body becomes the bargaining chip to infiltrate a warlord’s inner circle.

Caught in the Crosshair by Barb Han: On a tropical island with a hurricane brewing and dangerous men closing in, private security firm owner Jaden Dean will need to work side-by-side with Lauren James to survive and find her brother. He will have to use all his specialized training and risk everything, including his heart, to outwit the deadly group and keep Lauren safe.

This set is only available until the end of June so, order your copy today!

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