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It’s summer. That means sandal weather.  And if you are a slightly high maintenance female, as I am, then that means it’s also pedicure weather.

Now, I admit to getting a monthly pedicure all year round — from necessity. So, missing two months because of my manicurist’s schedule and my schedule never getting on the same page,  meant I had issues. Painful issues.

Thus, I needed an emergency pedicure appointment (yes, they do exist– in my world!). My manicurist who has taken good care of me and my digits for over 20 years did the best she could and alleviated the pain somewhat, but there are lines she will not cross. Those lines include anything that involves the words “scalpel”  and “excising and draining.”

So, today is my first visit ever to a foot-and-ankle surgeon to see what on earth is going on with my poor big toe. I am somewhat embarrassed since my big toe seems such a trivial thing to involve a very well-respected and busy orthopedic surgeon, but a scalpel and excising and draining are technically surgical terms.  Plus, I am married to a doctor, a pathologist who dealt with body parts, blood, and dead people, and he also threw in the term “sepsis.”

I do not mess with sepsis.

So, I’m going.  I expect it will be painful.  This means later I will need chocolate — lots of it — and maybe some Scotch, a double. And cuddling.

Moral of the lesson — don’t skip pedicures –ever.

Are you high maintenance? What beauty regimens or procedures can’t you live without?


11 thoughts on “Tootsies

  1. I am vain – I very much prefer letting the hairdresser hide the grey in my hair so that is my indulgence. I try to stretch it by doign my own roots in between…

    And of course chocolate. And ice cream. And COFFEE!


    • I admit to the monthly covering the grey also. My hairdresser and I made a pact to go grey at the same time (she is a year younger). I figure that way she’ll be covering my grey when we’re in our wheel chairs in the home. LMAO

      And chocolate is always good. Ice cream and coffee are not in my indulgences. I like my caffeine cold and in diet form. 🙂

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  2. Feet are fragile things and need to be looked after. I’m diabetic and know way too much what happens if you don’t look after your feet . So while I don’t have pedicures I look after my feet.


    • Yes, feet are special — they carry our weight all the time, so they deserve pampering. My manicurist has a certificate and training for working with diabetic feet – so I trust her even more since she “knows” about infection prevention and is trained to look for abnormalities. She does my hubby’s poor diabetic feet. So, when she says she can’t do something — I listen, thus the trip to the doctor (still haven’t gone yet — appointment is after lunch). I expect to be sitting with my feet elevated for the rest of the day — good thing I have hard copy edits to do on my book. 🙂


  3. Ooh, I hope your toe gets better, Moni! I think I’m low-maintenance, or at least I tell hubby so, but there are things I must have: lipstick always, hair color, and I feel naked without my perfume.


    • Thanks!! It will by definition get better. Doctor said it was not ingrown. There was no bone spur causing any problem. And whatever I was doing was helping it get better. He showed me how to deal with my particular issue — very easy solution and didn’t make me feel like an idiot for going in to see him. Oh and I have arthritis in that one big toe and only that one big toe. But my range of motion for it was still very good — so no worries there.

      So next week — tropical seas blue toes here I come – if I can get into my gal.

      And I love my perfume, too, and never leave home without it. I like Bond No. 9 Signature Oud – which means I am high maintenance since it is pricey. But I’ve always spent more on quality high oil content perfumes since the ones with more alcohol irritate my sinuses.
      ❤ you.


  4. I feel for you Moni. I get monthly pedicures as well, mostly from necessity. I have calluses on my heels that won’t ever entirely go away (partly my fault because I’m ultra lazy about pumicing and moisturizing them myself). I also have a big toe nail that likes to get a bit ingrown if I don’t have it tended regularly. I can do a little bit of that myself, but as a very plus size woman I just can’t reach my feet easily enough to really tend them like they need to be. So, I go have them done. As a bonus I get to enjoy a nifty back massage chair at least once a month while they do it.


  5. I’m high maintenance but not in that sort of way LOL. My first pedi was 10 years or so ago when my friends shamed my DH into getting me a gift certificate because I’d never had a mani/pedi. They felt I’d been shamfully neglected! It was nice when a friend did it (she did it professionally) but since she closed down her business I’ve found that I can’t sit still for them 😦 doesn’t feel right to read my book while they’re working on my toes and I have no small talk to chat with the person.

    As I don’t wear open toed sandals, no one knows my shameful secret LOL. Wish J hadn’t stopped doing the pedi though I confess. As my back problems get worse I find it harder to look after my own poor toes.


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