Suggestions for Sightseeing in New York City…Please


Romance Writers of America National Convention

I am headed to New York City for the Romance Writers of America annual conference next week, but we are going early so we can play tourist.

Got any suggestions and insider tips?

new_york_state map

Look for the most Southwestern corner of the state near Lake Erie and that’s where I grew up. About as far from New York City as you could possibly get; geographically, economically, socially … and any other “-ly” you can imagine.

Although I grew up in the State of New York, I couldn’t have been further away from New York City and still have been a resident. Trust me, there is a LOT more to New York State than crowded streets, sky scrapers, and traffic. I could see Canada across Lake Erie every time we went to the closest grocery store which was in Erie, Pennsylvania.

In the very small town where I spent the first eighteen years of my life, there were more milk cows on the corporate farm a mile down the dirt road than registered voters. Back then it took ten hours to reach the outer limits of The Big Apple and my family never traveled there. We always vacationed West (I’m talking Wyoming) or South to Florida.

large shot NYC

New York Cityscape

So I consider this my first trip to New York City.

Help me out here, please.

What should I see?

Where should I go?

Got any insider’s tips?

3 thoughts on “Suggestions for Sightseeing in New York City…Please

  1. Hi KaLyn! My favorite museum in NYC is the Frick Collection. When I went years ago, they had beautiful paintings by French artist Jean-Honore Fragonard from the time of the French Revolution. Gorgeous! Have fun.

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  2. Have fun, KaLyn! I’ll ask Tom what you should see. He’s been there twice — once for a business meeting at the then Kodak building (not sure it is called that anymore) and then again to take Michael for an East Coast trip prior to son going to Oregon and college. They did the tourist thing. I know they had a great time and hit museums. Takes lots of money — food costs a whack!! (Unless you know locals and venture into the smaller neighborhoods.)

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