Plot Bunnies Abound

creek9-750x500What a marvelous time in the news!  Plot bunnies just popping up all over.

Pluto, once a planet, now a dwarf planet, is getting its close up.  Yes, I am a former science geek and I love this stuff.  All sorts of ideas just pop into my head — and may be aimed at my Prime series. We’ll see.  I’ll be DVRing the Nova show, for sure.

Then there is El Chapo escaping from a maximum security prison in Mexico — for a second time (first time was from another supposedly secure prison).  Yes, his escape could trigger a really interesting plot situation for the Trey and Fee book in my SSI series.

Then there is the weather — floods moving houses into bridges.  Hundreds of miles long derecho turning day into night and blowing things down.  Yep, right up my story alley.

And the new season of The Weather Channel’s Fat Guys in the Woods — I get all sorts of ideas from Creek and his survival skills.  I also get all sorts of ideas about Creek (see picture above).

Of course, all of these plot bunnies have to be put on hold.  I am putting the final tweaks and polish on Storm Warning, SSI 4.  It is up for pre-order at B&N and Kobo.  Other pre-order links will follow over the next few weeks.

Publication date is August 25th — God willing and the creek don’t rise.  I meant the water kind of creek.  Get your minds out of the gutter, people. 😉


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