Can’t unsee that…

Part of writing is doing research. At least it is if you take your craft even just a little bit seriously. And sometimes that means finding some, well, to put it nicely… finding some fucked up shit.

From sex games to sex toys to getting shot in the head, I have to say I’m surprised the FBI–or some strange sex group–hasn’t shown up on my door wanting to know what the hell kind of lunatic I am.

In researching strange and marvelous things, I often find myself trapped in a time suck all too familiar to writers…the Internet, where things like blow up penis duals and making homemade sex toys  somehow become far more fascinating than what we were originally researching. (P.S. Don’t watch those at work or with the kids around.)

There’s a meme out there that says being a writer is 3% writing and 97% getting distracted by the Internet. Sadly that is very true. But, seriously, how could I not stop what I’m doing and to watch sex fail videos for hours at a time?

I actually have far more knowledge in this area than I can ever use as an author.


One thought on “Can’t unsee that…

  1. LOL I so relate. The Internet is a fascinating place.

    I was the kid who read the Funk and Wagnall’s encyclopedias (a volume a week added to the grocery bill!! — this was back in the Ice Age aka before personal computers — yes, I am that old) cover to cover. Man, the stuff you learned. Made me very good at trivia — and helped me ace World History and Geography. 🙂

    I love finishing a book and putting it to bed just so I can start researching the next book!!

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