Finally, a book release! Well, a re-release, actually! by Lynn Lorenz

God, it’s been a long summer. If you didn’t know, or watched my FB posts, this summer we put our house up for sale, rented an apartment we can’t move into until mid August, and got in our car and took a family vacation road trip.
Sounds great until you realize you have little to no time to do your writer work. I’m not stupid. We managed to drive, stay one night, then drive and stay several nights, where I was supposed to get all the writing, editing, self-publishing, promoing, etc. done. Sounds like a plan, right?
No. I am stupid. I only got the most pressing of things done. After all, we had a country to see. Geysers, rocks, prong horn antelope, seals, the Pacific Ocean, Cadillacs stuck in the ground.

Now, we’ve landed in a hotel for the next few weeks and no longer driving. So lots of time for writing, right? Yeah. No.
Two young adults learning to drive, seeing their friends, going to movies, no where to work because every space in our tiny room is taken.
How we haven’t managed to kill each other is beyond me. If I weren’t so tired of driving, I’d get in the car and take off down the highway.

If it weren’t for my publishers I’d be spinning my metaphorical wheels trying to get something out to readers. And producing nothing. Doing donuts in the parking lot.

On August 6th, Hartwood Publishing will re-release my very first book, originally published by Loose Id. It should be up for pre-order soon. I’ll post about it on FB and if you’re on my newsletter list I’ll send one out telling you all the details and links.
Here’s the cover!! I love it. He’s Drake, the mercenary, all sexy as hell and dangerous as fuck.
The Mercenary’s Tale is set in medieval times when men knew how to use a sword, and being gay meant a death penalty. It’s the first book in my series In The Company of Men.

If you bought the original ebook, or print book, this doesn’t have much changed in it. It’s been re-edited. But if you don’t have it, you’re in luck. It’s nearly half the price of the original ebook. And fingers crossed, it’ll be out in print and audio book soon too.

With this release, I feel as if I’ve made some progress through the massive pile of work I have yet to tackle. Before we move into the apartment, take the kids back to college, go to the UK for the UK meetup, come back, and drive to San Diego for the GRL. Plenty of time!

I think I need a vacation.

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