Can I Go Home Now?

My brain is full.

My body is physically tired.

But I am JAZZED!!!


Romance Writers of America

I went to the Romance Writers of America National Convention last week in New York City.

My roommate, Trista Ann Michaels (if you haven’t checked out her hot doms yet do so immediately!) and I went a few days early to play tourist. We hopped on the Greyline double-decker bus and 911memorial533pxsaw downtown NYC, went up the Empire State Building and solemnly watched water spill into the 911 monument.

The next day we joined Jean Joachim, Roz Lee, and Vikki Vaught for a stroll through Central Park, lunch in Chinatown and a ride on both the subway and a city bus. Of course the topic of romance writing, the publishing industry and books wove its way into every conversation.

Then the conference started with wonderful workshops taught by the industry’s best. From breakfast speeches to late in the evening, we were on the go. The basis of every conversation was books.

Writing books.

Editing books.

Selling books.

Character development. Back story. Motivation. Conflict.

And all the while the story lines of my upcoming books run through the back of my brain. How does this apply to my hero? My heroine? My book?

I took notes. Lots and lots of notes. Now I have to decipher my cryptic shorthand learned in college so I can apply all this newly gained knowledge.

I started while my plane leaving Laguardia airport was delayed…four times.

When I finally reached home, I had enough time to wash clothes and repack for a family trip to Florida.

I’m chomping at the bit to write the next book, edit the last one completed and plot a new one.

But more than that, I’m ready to go home and sleep in my own bed, cook in my kitchen and hug on Macho Marine.

One thought on “Can I Go Home Now?

  1. Well unencrypt (is that a word? It is now.) that shorthand and share, girlfriend. By the time you do, I should have this book put to bed (I hope). Hugs and have a relaxing trip to Florida. Hug Macho for me.


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