So, for the first time in…. a long time… I’m back to working in-office. I’ve almost survived my first week. I have to say, I was pretty intimidated making such drastic changes to our lifestyle.

We’re all pretty spoiled with me working from home for so long. I take care of pretty much everything. But when the right job with the right amount of money comes along, it is pretty hard to pass up.

The first order of business? I bought a new couch. Okay. That wasn’t on my agenda, but I took my mom to buy a new couch and somehow, left with one scheduled to be delivered at my house, too. Whoops.

I foresee a lot of that happening.

The second order of business was to get life organized. We’re still working on that. I haven’t got a set work schedule yet, but I’m hoping to get out of the office early enough to catch some of the eldest’s volleyball games and other activities. The youngest is at afterschool care and loving it. The husband? He’s kind of in a whirlwind of who to take where, when and all the early morning mayhem that he used to be able to avoid.

We’ll get it figured out, but it sure makes life interesting when you yank not one, but every, member of the family out of their set schedule all at once and throw them to the wind.

Edited to include picture of the new couch: charcoal microfiber/pretend leather.


The Book Is Done … What’s Next?

MM_SSI4_StormWarning_300x400My fourth Security Specialists International book is now LIVE and being sold at all your favorite on-line retailers.

And as with every book I’ve ever written and published since 1998, after all the nice reviews and compliments — and can I just say THANK YOU!!! I love my fans!!– the first question I always get is “What’s next?”

Answer to the question:  I plan to write Trey and Fee’s story, titled An Ill Wind.

Please note the crucial word in the above sentence is “plan.”

I don’t get sidetracked very often, but the times I have, have been noticeable. Cold Day in Hell, Risto’s story, wasn’t even a germ of an idea in my brain once I’d finished Eye of the Storm. I’d fully planned that after the novella Stormy Weather Baby, Vanko’s book was supposed to be the second book.

I’d even written a third of Vanko’s story when Risto hijacked my brain and insisted, in a very nice, but alpha-dominant sort of way, that his book had to be Book 2.  Of course, Cold Day in Hell then spawned Tessa and Earl’s book Storm Front before I could get back to Vanko.

Looking back, I was glad Risto was so insistent.

So, yes, I plan to write Trey and Fee next. There are important reasons why I should. First and most importantly, Trey has been waiting for Fee since Stormy Weather Baby; the man has been celibate and is due. Plus, Fee is lonely in the New Mexico/Mexico border town and is ready to start dating again. Finally, Sanctuary and the under-served medically area of Idaho County needs a doctor the caliber of Dr. Fiona Teague (not to mention, the men and women of SSI need a doctor close by).

Don’t feel too bad for Trey; it really hasn’t been that long since Fee left Sanctuary. In my SSI timeline, Trey’s only been waiting for Fee to agree to go on a date with him since around mid-June (when Riley Maddox was born).

An Ill Wind starts on March 1st, a little over 8 1/2 months later.  During all the other books and the passing of those months, Trey’s managed to visit Fee every month at least once.  He’s charmed and wooed Fey, using that stealth courting technique Tweeter used on DJ Poe.

At the beginning of An Ill Wind, Fee’s agreed to go out with Trey on his next visit (alluded to in Storm Warning).  In fact, she’s looking forward to it, but is still a little nervous. Then FUBAR happens and the date gets postponed for a bit.  And, no, I won’t say why since it would spoil the beginning of the next book for y’all.

See?  I know what will happen.  I know the set up.  I even know the dark moment near the end and how the book will end (HEA, of course).

BUT the middle is a MYSTERY!!  Why?  Because I am a semi-pantser.  I know things that have to happen in my books, BUT I let the characters talk me through all the intricacies of their story.

This is good — because it allows me to go with the flow of the action, to be creative, and discover the story as the characters reveal it to me. But it is also, bad.  Bad, in the way, that if my characters just shut the hell up in the middle of the book, some other character might come along and demand, as Risto did, that I write his or her story first. It’s happened before and I can’t promise it won’t happen again.

Plus, I now also have a name for a novella, Hot as Hell, which will feature a set of secondary characters and an important plot thread left hanging (on purpose) from Storm Warning.  And, no, I can’t tell you who or what since that would spoil it for those who haven’t read Storm Warning yet.  😉

Speaking of Storm Warning — here are some BUY Links.  🙂



Help Plan the Wedding

Help me plan the wedding and you could be in my next book!


Help plan the wedding of Jack and Jillian Girard, the main characters in Christmas in Cancun.

When I started writing Captivated in Cancun, I knew I’d have to write about the wedding of Jack and Jillian Girard from Christmas in Cancun. Which meant I had to plan a wedding. Groan!

My brain was too busy figuring out how to bring Lilly Girard together with Josh Madden to think about planning a whole wedding. There are so many decisions that need to be made to pull off a wedding, even one in a book.

Brilliance struck. I should have my Facebook Friends plan it for me.


Join Planning of Jack & Jillian’s Wedding

After a bit of difficulty (AKA failure) with Pinterest, the Planning Jack & Jillian Wedding event page was created. Click on the picture and join in the fun.  

beach wedding2

Facebook Friends decided to have the wedding on the beach 

poolside wedding

But the reception will take place around the pool.

Check it out. Decision #1 was Beach or Poolside. Beach won out, but I enforced author prerogative and decided that the reception would be best around the pool. Who needs sand in your food and tablecloths whipping your legs, hair blowing in your face from the nightly ocean breeze? No thank you. But white sand with the turquoise  Caribbean Sea and yellow-orange turning to pinks and purples of the sunset as a backdrop will be beautiful.

This week is Decision #2, the wedding dress. Five options are posted and up for vote out of the nearly fifty wedding dresses suggested last week. The person who posted the winning wedding dress will be acknowledged in Captivated in Cancun.

I’m also calling for suggestions for colors and flowers which will become Decision #3 next week.

Did I mention the “Wedding Gifts”? I’m giving away a Wedding Gift to some lucky voter each week.

2015-08-21 21.53.48

You could win this Diamond Ring! Join in the fun of planning the wedding. Suggest, Vote, Share and Invite. And COMMENT on this blog for extra entries.

And what’s a wedding without a diamond ring? Entries are given when you:

VOTE – every time

SUGGESTIONS – that are selected for voting

SHARE – any post promoting the event

INVITE – every person that accepts your invitation

*New* COMMENT HEREWhat advice would you give Jillian?

Release News – Predator’s Trinity!

Gosh, it’s good to be back! It’s been a busy few weeks for me. Between family vacation time, extra work hours and getting the kids ready for school, it’s been a whirlwind.

Oh, and then I’ve had a bit on my plate with three releases scheduled for the fall! One of them released yesterday and I’m proud to share it with you.


Predator’s Trinity picks up where Predator’s Fire left off. Our friends on Gemini Island are battling a terrible foe, shape shifter cult leader August Crane. He has promised vengeance and slaughter. When we last saw the gang from the Ursa Fishing Lodge and Resort, they were safe, but knew it was only a matter of time before Crane struck again.

I’ve tried very hard to make Predator’s Trinity a book any romance fan can enjoy, but I think most of my readers would agree you will get the full benefit of the story if you read the previous books in the series first. It helps to better understand the conflict.

Along with these trials, I bring you a sexy new romance, this one a menage between twin jaguar shifter brothers Byron and Percy Moon and human librarian Suzan Marsh. This was so much fun to write and I really got to flex my writer muscles on this triad. Come to think of it, so did Percy, Byron and Suzan. Hee hee.

Please enjoy this new romance. 

Buy links:

Liquid Silver Books :





Prymal Hunger-Start the Week Hungry!

When my head’s in a book, it’s all about the characters, and the plot. I drive my family and the Viking insane. These days I’m living and breathing Prymal Hunger. So, I figure on this Merry Monday morning I’d share the cover and a short excerpt with everyone. The cover, you’ll have to admit is mouth-watering.

Prymal_Hunger-Jianne_Carlo-200x320-188x300Excerpt from Prymal Hunger:


Apache mumbled something to him, but Kydd’s total focus was holding his mate in his arms. He snatched the front door open right as Axe’s truck jerked to a halt under the porte cohere in the middle of the circular driveway. His gaze locked onto Helle’s and her aroma swarmed around him. Absent from her fragrance was the pungent fear that had dominated her scent since he kissed her in ROAR’s lobby.

“Hi.” Her lips trembled into a shaky smile and a faint peach stained her throat and face. She tucked a springy curl behind one ear.Why was she nervous? He fisted his hands to prevent himself from dragging her into his embrace.

Axe waved at him from the driver’s seat. “Yo. I was on the way into base and Helle decided she wanted to come home.”Home. Had she said that exact word? Kydd forced his concentration to Axe. “Thanks.”

Kydd opened the pickup’s passenger door, unlatched Helle’s seat belt, lifted her, and, stood her on the steps at his side.

A wayward strand of her hair tickled his nose. He wrapped his arm around her narrow waist and spread his fingers over her ribcage to maximize the contact. In the background he heard the murmur of male voices, but he ignored the patter, and studied his mate’s profile. She snuck him a side-long peep and her blush deepened when she realized his intent perusal of her.

Somewhere in the distance, a deep baritone rumbled.

Helle bumped his hip with hers. “Axe is speaking to you.”

Kydd dragged his stare to Axe’s. “What?”

“I said, introductions are in order. You know, as in, introduce Apache and Helle for crap’s sake. Ah shit. Forget it. You’re too far gone. Helle, this is Apache, a buddy of ours, and a SEAL like me.” Axe scowled at Kydd.

Helle offered Apache her hand.

Apache shot Kydd a glance. He shook Helle’s hand for the barest second. “Nice to meet you, Helle.”

“Are you a member of Prymal, too?” She tipped her head back to look right at Apache.

Kydd frowned not liking her thorough inspection of the blond, tanned Scandinavian-born SEAL. He tightened his hold on her.

“Yes, ma’am.” Apache stood at attention, hands clasped behind his back.

“Are you Rogue, Wylfen, or Feral?” She flashed Apache the sweetest smile on the planet and her lashes fluttered once, twice, three times.

Kydd breathed fire. If Apache dared respond to his mate’s teasing flirting, he was buzzard-carrion. He growled a warning.

“Feral, ma’am. And if I don’t want a knuckle sandwich, it’s time for me to exit.” Apache clicked his boot heels together and bowed from the waist. He spared Kydd a pity-filled smirk. “Later, bro.”

Too bemused by Helle’s warm, pliant body snugged against his side and her apparent acceptance of his embrace, Kydd hesitated to move. Vaguely aware of Apache stalking to his jeep and Axe driving away, he snuck a peek at Helle only to find her staring at him. All at once, her musk blossomed, and the intoxicating aroma slammed his logic into never-never land. Her desire, sharp, tantalizing, and dizzying, radiated in her dilated pupils.

Kydd lowered his eyelids in an attempt to contain his rioting hormones. His entire groin throbbed with an urgency too potent to control. He leaned his forehead against Helle’s and battled the overwhelming need to sink his dick inside her heat. He turned her into him fully and linked his fingers on the swell of her sweet ass.

Burying his nose in her curls, he counted to ten, and then let his arms drop and stepped back. He swiped his Stetson off and smacked the leather on his thigh before meeting her gaze.

She wore a Cheshire-cat smile, all sultry and mysterious. “Tania shifted for me.”


Hope you enjoyed!



Vacation from the vacation

After several days “roughing it” in Yellowstone National Park (I consider a cabin with no television or wifi roughing it…We did have running water because…toilets), I am now safely and happily tucked away in a Marriott Hotel with a bed, wifi, a bar in the lobby, a shower with unlimited hot water, and…no squirrels barking at my windows.


Sure, nature is wonderful. Beautiful. I loved getting in touch with her, but that’s only good for a few days. I’m spoiled. I admit it. I accept it. I don’t care if you judge me. Yellowstone is lovely. I enjoyed it. And now, I am back in my natural habitat…


Tomorrow we are off to Mt. Rushmore for more hiking, more sunburns, more ooohing and ahhhing and making memories with the offspring. Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving all this family time, but seriously…can’t we bond at a spa?

Knocked a few things off the ol’ bucket list including Yellowstone in general, Grand Prismatic Spring, and Devil’s Tower.

Here are a few pictures from the trip. I’ll see you when I get home… If I survive…


Convenient Amnesia: A Writer’s Best Friend

MM_SSI4_StormWarning_300x400The book is done. Hallelujah.

It’s been uploaded to Amazon for pre-order and to the distributor (who’d already placed it for pre-order elsewhere), and now I’m in a recuperative phase.

Recuperative phase, you ask?

For me, and I expect many other authors, writing is not a non-physical process. It takes its toll mentally, emotionally, and physically, especially in that last race to polish and tweak a book to meet deadlines.

Yes, writing is not an aerobic experience or physically challenging like running or wall-climbing. After all, I’m sitting on my butt in a chair and staring at a monitor and wiggling fingers over a keyboard, right?  But, in reality, it is physically taxing. And, as many authors will tell you, it takes a toll on a body.

Writing ain’t for sissies.

I am two weeks out now from the final polish-and-tweaking of the 118.5 K word manuscript (and that final editing phase took almost two weeks itself). No amount of sleep has quite eroded the exhaustion that last sprint to get the book done encompassed. My wrists and elbows and neck and lower back are still complaining.  No amount of Aleve (and when does Aleve get toxic? — my liver wants to know) or massage has managed to decrease and/or eliminate the pain.

And the physical side effects happen no matter what methods you use to avoid it.

Sleep?  Check, got at least seven hours every twenty-four. Wrist brace?  Check, been wearing one for years.  Proper desk height and good chair?  Check. Ergonomic mouse?  Check. Frequent breaks, get-up-and-walk-around time? Check — all the diet soda I drink takes care of that requirement — that and checking on laundry, fixing meals, and making sure hubby knows I know he exists (he gets soooo lonely, ya know?).

Since I have written more than one book, obviously, the physical side effects of writing — and the memory of them –fade away.

Sort of like childbirth. — You know it hurt, but you can’t quite remember exactly how it hurt and so you’re up for it again.  Convenient amnesia.

And that convenient amnesia is why I am already plotting away my next book in my head. [FYI:  It will be another SSI book.  Damon and Susa of the Prime Chronicles series ain’t talking to me, yet.]

Not sure if writing is a biological imperative like the need to procreate, but it is a mental and emotional one. I can’t not write.  As with giving birth, you pass on a part of yourself to the world, your little bit of immortality.  Granted, unlike my child, my book might not have the potential to change the world, but it does have the potential of taking people out of their every day lives and giving them a few hours of enjoyment. Not a bad thing at all in my mind.

So, let’s hear it for convenient amnesia. — Now, please, does anyone know how much Aleve is too much?  Because, I have more stories to tell.



Former helicopter pilot DJ Poe is a woman used to working in a man’s world and comfortable as SSI’s first female field operative. It’s her instant attraction to the company’s computer specialist that has her questioning her ability to overcome her past and develop an intimate relationship with a man.

Stuart “Tweeter” Walsh already admired DJ for saving his brother’s life in Afghanistan, but when the tall, leggy, blonde goddess joins SSI, he falls instantly in love. All he has to do is convince the man-shy beauty to take a chance on him.

Take one alpha-male geek, add in one skittish female warrioress—throw them into close proximity and you have the perfect conditions for storm warnings.

Pre-order Links: Publication Date is August 25th.