Prymal Hunger-Start the Week Hungry!

When my head’s in a book, it’s all about the characters, and the plot. I drive my family and the Viking insane. These days I’m living and breathing Prymal Hunger. So, I figure on this Merry Monday morning I’d share the cover and a short excerpt with everyone. The cover, you’ll have to admit is mouth-watering.

Prymal_Hunger-Jianne_Carlo-200x320-188x300Excerpt from Prymal Hunger:


Apache mumbled something to him, but Kydd’s total focus was holding his mate in his arms. He snatched the front door open right as Axe’s truck jerked to a halt under the porte cohere in the middle of the circular driveway. His gaze locked onto Helle’s and her aroma swarmed around him. Absent from her fragrance was the pungent fear that had dominated her scent since he kissed her in ROAR’s lobby.

“Hi.” Her lips trembled into a shaky smile and a faint peach stained her throat and face. She tucked a springy curl behind one ear.Why was she nervous? He fisted his hands to prevent himself from dragging her into his embrace.

Axe waved at him from the driver’s seat. “Yo. I was on the way into base and Helle decided she wanted to come home.”Home. Had she said that exact word? Kydd forced his concentration to Axe. “Thanks.”

Kydd opened the pickup’s passenger door, unlatched Helle’s seat belt, lifted her, and, stood her on the steps at his side.

A wayward strand of her hair tickled his nose. He wrapped his arm around her narrow waist and spread his fingers over her ribcage to maximize the contact. In the background he heard the murmur of male voices, but he ignored the patter, and studied his mate’s profile. She snuck him a side-long peep and her blush deepened when she realized his intent perusal of her.

Somewhere in the distance, a deep baritone rumbled.

Helle bumped his hip with hers. “Axe is speaking to you.”

Kydd dragged his stare to Axe’s. “What?”

“I said, introductions are in order. You know, as in, introduce Apache and Helle for crap’s sake. Ah shit. Forget it. You’re too far gone. Helle, this is Apache, a buddy of ours, and a SEAL like me.” Axe scowled at Kydd.

Helle offered Apache her hand.

Apache shot Kydd a glance. He shook Helle’s hand for the barest second. “Nice to meet you, Helle.”

“Are you a member of Prymal, too?” She tipped her head back to look right at Apache.

Kydd frowned not liking her thorough inspection of the blond, tanned Scandinavian-born SEAL. He tightened his hold on her.

“Yes, ma’am.” Apache stood at attention, hands clasped behind his back.

“Are you Rogue, Wylfen, or Feral?” She flashed Apache the sweetest smile on the planet and her lashes fluttered once, twice, three times.

Kydd breathed fire. If Apache dared respond to his mate’s teasing flirting, he was buzzard-carrion. He growled a warning.

“Feral, ma’am. And if I don’t want a knuckle sandwich, it’s time for me to exit.” Apache clicked his boot heels together and bowed from the waist. He spared Kydd a pity-filled smirk. “Later, bro.”

Too bemused by Helle’s warm, pliant body snugged against his side and her apparent acceptance of his embrace, Kydd hesitated to move. Vaguely aware of Apache stalking to his jeep and Axe driving away, he snuck a peek at Helle only to find her staring at him. All at once, her musk blossomed, and the intoxicating aroma slammed his logic into never-never land. Her desire, sharp, tantalizing, and dizzying, radiated in her dilated pupils.

Kydd lowered his eyelids in an attempt to contain his rioting hormones. His entire groin throbbed with an urgency too potent to control. He leaned his forehead against Helle’s and battled the overwhelming need to sink his dick inside her heat. He turned her into him fully and linked his fingers on the swell of her sweet ass.

Burying his nose in her curls, he counted to ten, and then let his arms drop and stepped back. He swiped his Stetson off and smacked the leather on his thigh before meeting her gaze.

She wore a Cheshire-cat smile, all sultry and mysterious. “Tania shifted for me.”


Hope you enjoyed!



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