Help Plan the Wedding

Help me plan the wedding and you could be in my next book!


Help plan the wedding of Jack and Jillian Girard, the main characters in Christmas in Cancun.

When I started writing Captivated in Cancun, I knew I’d have to write about the wedding of Jack and Jillian Girard from Christmas in Cancun. Which meant I had to plan a wedding. Groan!

My brain was too busy figuring out how to bring Lilly Girard together with Josh Madden to think about planning a whole wedding. There are so many decisions that need to be made to pull off a wedding, even one in a book.

Brilliance struck. I should have my Facebook Friends plan it for me.


Join Planning of Jack & Jillian’s Wedding

After a bit of difficulty (AKA failure) with Pinterest, the Planning Jack & Jillian Wedding event page was created. Click on the picture and join in the fun.  

beach wedding2

Facebook Friends decided to have the wedding on the beach 

poolside wedding

But the reception will take place around the pool.

Check it out. Decision #1 was Beach or Poolside. Beach won out, but I enforced author prerogative and decided that the reception would be best around the pool. Who needs sand in your food and tablecloths whipping your legs, hair blowing in your face from the nightly ocean breeze? No thank you. But white sand with the turquoise  Caribbean Sea and yellow-orange turning to pinks and purples of the sunset as a backdrop will be beautiful.

This week is Decision #2, the wedding dress. Five options are posted and up for vote out of the nearly fifty wedding dresses suggested last week. The person who posted the winning wedding dress will be acknowledged in Captivated in Cancun.

I’m also calling for suggestions for colors and flowers which will become Decision #3 next week.

Did I mention the “Wedding Gifts”? I’m giving away a Wedding Gift to some lucky voter each week.

2015-08-21 21.53.48

You could win this Diamond Ring! Join in the fun of planning the wedding. Suggest, Vote, Share and Invite. And COMMENT on this blog for extra entries.

And what’s a wedding without a diamond ring? Entries are given when you:

VOTE – every time

SUGGESTIONS – that are selected for voting

SHARE – any post promoting the event

INVITE – every person that accepts your invitation

*New* COMMENT HEREWhat advice would you give Jillian?

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