Writing Romantic Suspense Can Be a Killer

whale shark and diver

Not really as frightening as you may think but a Whale Shark scared Lilly Girard nearly to death

Captivated in Cancun, my work in progress, is occupying most of my thoughts these days. I’m trying to get it out yet this fall, but that deadline is fast approaching.

whale shark ride along

Whale Sharks are actually playful and often allow divers to hitchhike a ride, especially when they are young like this one

I love talking with other authors who are much more experienced in this rather new career of mine. They are filled with advice, plot twists as well as directing me through the basics.


The coral reefs in the Cancun area are beautiful but the world underwater is too frightening for Lilly Girard now

One such conversation I had recently with the AWESOME suspense author, NYTimes Bestseller Bob Mayer, has made me step back and look at all the sub-plot lines I have going in this book. The good news is…there is a lot of action on the romance scene as well as in the suspense.

The better news is I know how it all ends. The bad guys die and the hero and heroine get together for a Happily Ever After.      Hey, it’s Romantic Suspense!

cruise ships in Cozumel

Josh “Madman” Madden, a director at Homeland Security, has reliable intel that a terrorist cell is going to be smuggled onto a cruise ship heading to the USA

My problem at the moment is braiding it all together and tying my characters into knots along the way.


But terrorists aren’t the only people these coyotes smuggle

Throughout this blog I’ve given you a few pictorial clues about Captivated in Cancun. So what do you think so far? Leave me a COMMENT below.


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13 thoughts on “Writing Romantic Suspense Can Be a Killer

  1. Sounds good, KaLyn. And listen to Bob, he knows how to write taut, action-driven suspense. 😉 And as far as the book being done, it will be done when you and your editor are happy with it. That’s the unwritten rule in writing. So, don’t pressure yourself — it just gives you ulcers and headaches and doesn’t help the book get done any faster. Been there, done that — so do as I say and not as I do. lol


    Liked by 1 person

    • I love swimming in the ocean! Especially around Cancun. There are some amazing reefs. I’m still in awe of the Virgin Mary off Isla Mujeres. Thanks for commenting. You have an extra entry for the Diamond Ring!!


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