Because adulting is hard

I’m not exactly expecting sympathy now that I have to work a full-time in-office gig. I know most people do. But I’m not most people (slight understatement?). I’m a delicate flower, bitches. I wear out easily. I need space. I need quiet. I need to listen to Dean Martin so loud his baritone makes things vibrate—hey, not that, ya perv!

Anyway. I’m just about to wrap up week three of being in an office. I like it. I like the people. I like the work—well, most of it. I can’t complain (too much).

But there are things  I desperately miss.

  • Alone time. I fear I will never be alone again and this is something my soul desperately needs.
  • Quality writing time. I spend all my time editing because I’m not ready to give up my editing position with Kensington. (What if this other job doesn’t pan out??) So writing? For shit, people. I am writing for shit.
  • Non-quality writing time. One of the things I love to do to unwind and just let my mind go is writing fan fiction. Yeah, that’s what I said. It’s easy, the fans are responsive (I like things responsive), and it’s about characters I already love that I didn’t have to create. Boom. But do I have time? Nope.
  • Relaxing. Between work hours, kids events, and PTA responsibilities I will never relax again.
  • Family time. Yeah, every now and then I try to be Mom, Wife, Daughter. Not so much these days. Every now and then I poke out from the pile of things to do and remind myself what they look like.

I’m sure once things settle, and I get used to this insane schedule I’ll get back to these things. Until then… Woe. Is. Me.

Kudos to everyone out there who juggles it all because this being a “grown up” shit sucks.

2 thoughts on “Because adulting is hard

  1. Boy, do I remember those feelings. Hugs. I look back and do not know where I found the energy to do everything I did. I get exhausted thinking about it all. Hell, I got exhausted reading about all you are doing. Even more hugs coming your way.

    I’m glad I’m old and semi-retired from my profession (I maintain my active law license since I still do some pro bono nonprofit work and I need my license and my insurance). But even being sort of retired I’ve found I still over-fill my time.

    Boy, do I relate to the alone time thing — my hubby is going to his high school reunion next week and I will have 3 days of alone time — and I plan to write like a fiend. I love my hubby, but he has a way of filling my time when I should be writing.


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