Wedding Plans


Still time to join the fun and you might win a “Wedding Gift”!

For the past month over 125 people have participated in Planning the Wedding of Jack and Jillian Girard, the characters from Christmas in Cancun who will be married in my next book Captivated in Cancun. Now that we are in the final week, I thought I’d share with the world their decisions so far and once again congratulate the weekly winners of “Wedding Gifts”.

beach wedding

Kenderly Wood’s picture of a wedding on the beach inspired many to vote for a beach wedding.


I loved the idea of a beach wedding but the practicality of an elegant poolside reception. Annette Drolet Mardis posted this suggestion and I evoked author prerogative.

By an overwhelming majority, the beach was selected over the pool as the site for the two to vow their everlasting love for one another. But I decided that the quad around the pool will be where the reception takes place. Anyone who has ever spent an evening on the beach knows that the ocean breeze kicks in when the sun goes down and can be blustery. Not conducive for a nice meal. Who wants sand in their food? Not me!

nice bodice detail long appeared 2x

When both Anna Martin Josey and Therese Scacchi Lopez posted the same picture of this wedding gown, I knew it would be a fan favorite.

Nearly 50 people liked the Goddess Wedding Gown over the other options.


Deciding the colors for a wedding is often the most difficult decision for a bride. Same rang true for readers, but this bouquet posted by Therese Scacchi Lopez persuaded several votes to blue and coral.

Voting on the colors and bouquet was a lot tighter but blue and coral won out.

Navy uniform

Tracy Kreeger suggested the groomsmen wear their Naval uniforms and the majority of voters agreed.

Hands down, Naval uniforms beat out tuxedos…but who doesn’t love a man in a uniform?


These beautiful Bridesmaid Dresses were suggested by Jamie Clark and most of the voters agreed.

Sixty percent of those who voted wanted the long blue strapless dresses that faded from dark blue to turquois, matching the colors of the Caribbean Sea.

There’s still time to vote on your choice of Wedding Cake as voting ends Sunday, 27 Sept.

diamond ring

What’s a wedding without a diamond ring? There’s still time to win this Diamond Ring!

Which means there’s still a chance you could win themond Ring!! Or this week’s “Wedding Gift”.

Every week someone who voted was selected at to win a “Wedding Gift”. I’d like to congratulate: Alyssa Williams, Sara Miller, Judi Kensok, Alexia Janey Evans and Terry Galloway Trahan.

A huge congratulations!! goes to the following people who will be acknowledged in Captivated in Cancun for assisting with the wedding planning. Each suggested an element for the wedding which eventually won the popular vote.

Decision #1 Beach and Pool – Kenderly Woods & Annette Drolet Mardis

Decision #2 Wedding Dress – Anna Martin Josey and Therese Scacchi Lopez

Decision #3 Flowers and Colors – Therese Scacchi Lopez

Decision #4 Tuxedos/Uniforms – Tracy Kreeger

Decision #5 Bridesmaid Dress – Jamie Clark

Decision #6 Cake – ???TBD this week!

I think this will be a beautiful wedding.

Tell me one thing about YOUR wedding…your dress, bouquet, colors, etc. OR something that happened at the wedding like a funny toast, story, disastrous event.

3 thoughts on “Wedding Plans

  1. I love weddings. I wish I’d had a bigger one. We eloped. And we got into an argument on the way. I should have seen that as a sign. And when the best man admitted he wished I’d marry him instead, I almost did.
    Mine was such a disaster I think that’s why I love books about happy couples and big weddings.

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  2. I didnt have an actual wedding. I was in the military and decided to save the money to buy a house with. However, we went to this little chapel in SanDiego to have the ceremony and we didnt think to bring anyone as a witness so the preacher lady had someone in her office and asked them if they would be our witness. They said yes. (They did not speak any english) when they signed the marriage certificate it looked like a 2 year old signed it.

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  3. We were married in the Justice of the Peace’s Office in downtown Ft. Wayne, IN on a Saturday. Tom had a Physical Chemistry test the following Monday morning. We were undergrads in our Junior year. The marriage worked out. 🙂 We’ll be married 43 years on October 28th.

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