Jammies, M/M sex, and Jeopardy: All in a day’s work

You know you’ve bonded with your editor/fellow writer when you can go out in public in your flannel jammies together. Okay, that sounds way more like drunken college antics than it really was.

10513326_10207892395364799_8133391169274372457_nI’m in Minneapolis this weekend with a whole slew of other writer peeps for the Midwest Book Lovers Unite Conference. And it just so happens that I convinced Annie Anthony to join me. The conference kicked off last night with a PJ Party, and we were all dolled up for the event.

12043145_10206890492493988_3663784181222794720_nSipping wine while listening to Annie read a M/M sex scene? Yup. That’s how I spent my Thursday night.

We are going to have tons more fun this weekend, including panels, cover art model shoots, Jeopardy games, a costume party, food, hanging at Mall of America, more food…oh, and this awesome book signing event Saturday morning from 10-1 at the Radisson Blu.

If you’re in the area, swing by and say hello. We’ll be there! Probably not in our pjs, though.


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