Writing + Real Life = Madness

Sara DanielI’m Sara Daniel, and I am so excited to join the fabulous ladies of Love, Lust, and Laptops. The group first hit my radar when they released the Lucky’s Charms anthology a couple years ago. Emilia Mancini clued me in, and I snapped up my copy. When I received an invitation to join the group, I felt like I’d won the lottery—only better, because where I live, the state budget is so messed up that lottery winners aren’t getting paid their winnings!

Since Emilia introduced me a couple weeks ago and Jianne Carlo provided a really fun interview last week, I thought I’d offer some different insight with a couple stories to illustrate how my writing life and my “mom life” mesh—sometimes very wrongly!—together.

When I start a new book, one of my favorite parts is pulling out my collection of baby name books and pouring through the possibilities until I hit on the perfect names for my characters. I was sitting in my living room doing just this a few months ago when my teenage son walked into the room. He looked at the book, and his eyes grew wide. “You’re having a BABY?!” he exclaimed, in a horrified, my-parents-just-ruined-my-life kind of voice. Hahaha! His days of begging for a little brother are definitely over!

This month, my tween daughter has been bring home something called “KenKen” for math extra credit. It is basically a sadistic form of Sudoku where instead of having some numbers already filled in the grid, all the numbers must be figured out using basic math facts within separate caged-in areas to produce a target number. We’ve been working on these puzzles for hours in the evenings to the point where my brain aches when I go to bed. So imagine my horror last week, when I was revising my latest manuscript, and in the throes of passion, my heroine exclaimed, “Ken, Ken.” Suddenly, the mood was gone, and instead of experiencing incredible pleasure at the hands of the hero, my heroine was now crying out over KenKen math puzzles. Yeah, no. I’m keeping hero’s name as Ken (for now), but my heroine will NEVER speak it twice in a row.

Pumpkin with frecklesDoes anyone have any odd, funny or creepy collisions between their personal and reading/writing lives? I’d love some assurance that I’m not alone in the madness that is my life. Meanwhile, enjoy the not-too-creepy Halloween pumpkin (with freckles!) carved by my family this weekend.

2 thoughts on “Writing + Real Life = Madness

  1. Love the pumpkin, Sara.

    Re weird stories and writing. After I finished my first book (Manhandled), my sister in law came to visit us and asked if she could invite one of her friends over to our house who just so happened to live in our area.

    Imagine how I felt when this woman had the same first and last name as my heroine (I’d never heard of her or met her before). Add to that, she was one of those fervent super-religious people who believed in proselytizing! Aarrgh-needless to say that heroine’s name was changed pronto!.


    • Jianne, that’s so funny (in an awful sort of way!). Years ago when I was nursing, I opened the door to religious evangelists with my shirt open to the waist. For years, they returned to preach to me about porn!! They’ve finally stopped trying to convert me, but they still stop by trying to reach my poor husband.


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