Let’s Talk Shape-Shifters

Hey there! My name is Tami Lund, and I’m a newbie to the Love, Lust, and Laptops Blog. I’m thrilled to be here. *Waves* *Frantically* *Clenches teeth, keeps smile on face*

Whew. There you are. Just checking that someone’s out there, reading.

So I’ve spent the last two weeks agonizing over what to blog about today (which is funny, because my very first post was actually on Saturday, and it took all of twenty minutes to put together). I desperately wanted to make a good first impression, of course, but truthfully, I needed to get back to writing, so I couldn’t spend a ridiculous amount of time on research and analytics and statistics – and then I realized you all probably don’t give a shit about all that stuff anyway. You’re here for a blog post, not a doctoral candidate course. (Let’s not kid ourselves – even with research and analytics, my post would never be at the level of a doctoral candidate.)

And then, about a week and a half ago, I sent final edits for my next release to my editor over at my publisher, Liquid Silver. I still have to go through line edits and a proofread, and I don’t yet have a cover, but that first round is always the most intense, and whenever it’s finished, that’s the point at which it feels real to me.

This book – which comes out on January 4, 2016, by the way – is the fourth in my Lightbearer series, and is called Change in the Light. This series is about magical beings called Lightbearers – and the shifters who hate to love them.

Yep, I write shifters. Which (finally) brings us to the point of this blog post. Let’s talk shifters, shall we? I actually have two shifter series out – the Lightbearer series, and the first book in the Twisted Fate series, which released in July, 2015. The second book in that series is with the publisher right now, awaiting the decision to (hopefully) publish it next year. You see, I have a thing for shifters.

Here’s a question: why shifters? When I started the Lightbearer series, it was supposed to be about this brand new, entirely made up magical being called, well, Lightbearers. And then I threw shifters into the mix, and suddenly, the series became about shifters. How did that happen?


The answer is simple: shifters are one of my favorite genres to read. So not coincidentally, I also happen to enjoy writing about them. They are sexy, strong, powerful, hot, did I mention sexy? In my reasonably extensive research, I have learned a few things about these seductive alpha beings.

I’ve learned they all have one thing in common. All shape shifters have the ability to change from human form into…something else. And that, as far as I have been able to determine, is the single aspect that defines every shifter in every book I’ve ever read or written. Beyond that, well, every author interprets them a little differently. Which is the way it should be, right? We’re talking magic, and magic is defined by the imagination of the person writing it.

Some shifters can only change into the form of one animal. These are typically referred to as were-animals (werewolves, were-bears, were- you get the picture). Others are able to shift into pretty much any animal, or, as I like to explain in my books, the form of any warm-blooded being. The shifters in my Lightbearer Series can even shift into the form of birds, if they are so inclined. This comes in handy when one wants to escape rapidly and he’s on the second floor or at the top of a cliff (both situations occur in Into the Light, the first book in this series).


Many shifters’ clothing cannot shift with them. The clothing is either shed before the shift or, if the shift must occur with little notice, the clothing is torn to shreds when the body changes and alters, and the shifter must figure out another means of covering his naughty bits when he returns to human form.

The shifters in my books can shift while wearing clothing, and when they return to human form, their clothing returns to their body exactly as it was before the shift. I admit, I made this decision out of convenience. I considering the no-clothing route because, let’s be honest, that makes more sense, from a non-magical standpoint. But I was having a difficult time writing the whole, “Hold on, I have to strip and hide my clothing for later” aspect into the various scenes and plots and sub-plots of the series. So I decided if magic can make a person change from human to animal, then magic can make that person’s clothes reappear when they return to human form.

Some shifters have the ability to speak to each other telepathically. Some are able to harness other forms of magic, too. Some have glowing eyes. In my Lightbearer series, the shifters’ eyes glow when they are feeling strong emotions. Anger, frustration, sadness, passion. Even if the shifter is trying to act stoic and passive, the object of his desire, if she is perceptive enough, can figure out pretty easily that he feels something, if his eyes are glowing. It’s practically a declaration of love.

Or lust.

Some shifters eat only red meat. Actually, the desire to eat red meat might possibly qualify as the second thing all shifters have in common, now that I think about it. Or maybe not. A vegetarian shifter could make for an intriguing storyline.

Many shifters have obsessive, jealous personalities. Like a dog, protecting his bone. Or his house. Or his mate. My shifters have this trait. In fact, it plays heavily into the third book in the Lightbearer series, Light Beyond the Darkness.

I’m sure I’ve missed a few common traits. What other traits do you notice in your favorite books about shifters or weres? Which traits are your favorite?


If you want to learn more about the Lightbearer or Twisted Fate series (or any of my books, really), check out my website (there’s also a free read): CLICK HERE.

I’ve also started a Facebook group called Come Wine with Tami Lund. It’s a place for readers and authors to gather, chat, and tip a glass or two. Once a month, we feature an  exclusive author Q&A. Check it out HERE.

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3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Shape-Shifters

  1. I always notice that shifters have heightened senses beyond the normal range, especially in the sense of smell and often hearing too. I find it increases the intensity of the story and the sexual tension. Can’t wait to hear more about vegetarian shifters. 😉


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