Getting to Know You

Like others before me, I decided it was time for a reintroduction. Many of you know I haunt this blog as Robin Danner and Christy Gissendaner, but who is the real Christy? (I say Christy because that’s my actual, real first name.)

Keep reading to know more about moi!

I love visiting the zoo. Monkeys are my favorite.


I can’t tell the difference between my two youngest sons in baby pictures….unless they’re in the picture together. (They still sleep like this.)

The Manns 087

I played clarinet in my high school’s marching band. (I hated the white uniform pants.)


My grandparents have been married over 75 years! (My Big Momma’s had dementia over twenty years, but they’re still going strong.)


I married my first boyfriend after dating for 11 months. We honeymooned in Biloxi one month after my 29th birthday. (He started pursuing me the night of my 28th birthday.)

hard rock

I hate taking pictures, which is why you’ll typically see me behind the camera instead of in front of it. (And there’s not a selfie yet that my hubby hasn’t closed his eyes.)


I’m rereleasing The Princes, a series that is my favorite to date. Here’s a first glimpse at the new and improved cover for Bound, Book One ~ an exclusive reveal for Love, Lust, and Laptop fans.

the princes bound

Now that you know a bit more about me, check back as we bring a new, exciting post every weekday ~ with special treats on the weekends!

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