Happy Halloween!

Eeks! Halloween already? Indeed it is.

I love Halloween. The one and only time I ventured into paranormal was for a Halloween short. I feel in love with these characters. Sarah Latham and William Fuller have the kind of love that can last centuries. And has.


latham postcard2

I’ve been asked several times if I’m going to revisit these characters.

Hmm…Maybe. But until there, here’s a little snippet of The Legend of Sarah Latham:

SSARAH LATHAM COVER_300arah stormed toward her new home, glaring at the front door until the force of her anger threw it open. She marched in, and the door slammed behind her, rattling the old house as the wood hit the jambs.

William stepped from the dining room, a towel in his hands, and looked across the open foyer at his wife. “Bad day?”

“You will not believe what this town thinks of us.”

“A witch and her demon summoned from Hell.”

She stared at him. “You heard?”

“I went to the pub while you were looking for your sons. Did you find them?”

Sarah exhaled her frustration and smiled. “I found Ethan and Jasper. And I met Jasper’s descendent. Her name is Sarah Elizabeth.”

“Isn’t that lovely?”

She rolled her eyes. “Not exactly. She was named after me in hopes that I wouldn’t drag her to the depths of Hell.”

“So she told you of the curse?”

“Yes, she did.”

“Well, did it work? Naming her after you. Do you still plan to kill her?”

Sarah slid her arms out of her coat and draped it over a chair. “That’s not funny. Anyway, she calls herself Elizabeth. She’s a police officer. She told me I was trespassing.” A bitter laugh left her. “Trespassing at my own children’s burial ground. Can you believe it?”

William gently caressed her cheek. After almost four centuries, she no longer noticed how his vampire skin was eerily cool. His touch was nothing less than soothing to her.

“Why are you so upset, love? It’s just a silly legend.”

“It’s not silly. What little there is left of my family thinks I’m a monster.”

“Generations ago they were your family, Sarah. This Elizabeth is a stranger. I am what is left of your family, and I know you are no monster. This story is a legend—a myth—nothing more than a tale to frighten children.”

Sarah looked up into his dark eyes, eyes that could resonate a dangerously menacing soul at times, but that now were soft and sorrowful. She slipped into his arms and cradled her cheek to his chest. “I think I’d have rather been forgotten than remembered as something evil.”

“No one believes it.”

“But they used to, years and years ago they believed it. They feared me. Elizabeth probably fears me now, even if she doesn’t know it. Why must every witch be believed to be wicked?”

His chest shook with a slight chuckle before he said, “Maybe the next civil rights movement will be for supernatural beings? Hmm? Maybe we can live loud and proud and be accepted among the mortals.”

“Maybe.” She leaned back and took in his face and soft features. There was nothing threatening about him. No one would ever suspect him to be a so-called creature of the night, a vampire. He went against everything history had made him out to be, as did she.

Deciding h
e was right, she slid from his arms. “She told me there is a museum.”

“A museum? Are we going?”

“Yes. Well, I’m going. With Elizabeth. I’ll take you another time if it’s worth visiting, but she is going to tell me all about myself. Now, what were you doing at a pub?”

“Getting to know the townsfolk, of course.”

She instantly grew suspicious. He never got to know the townsfolk. The temptation was too great for him. “William?”

“I know you’ve
been feeling down. I brought you something.”

Her eyes widened and she shook her head slowly. “No. We can’t feed so close to home.”

“I was very careful.”

“Darling, I appreciate that you want to cheer me up, but getting us hanged isn’t the way. Have you learned nothing?”

Check out the creepy trailer too!


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