How Do You Audio?

Readerly types might not be aware that November starts something other than the Halloween markdown slash countdown to the holiday buying season.  November is NaNoWriMo—this insane thing that many authors do which involves writing an entire novel.  In one month.


Well this November, I have another goal: and it involves audio.

I don’t know about you, but music fuels me. When I feel the need to connect with humanity on a deeply intimate plane from the privacy of my car, shower, or kitchen, I crank any one of a number of playlists.  Feel like revving up? I jam the ‘80’s playlist. C’mon now.  I may be dating myself but what human over the age of say 30 and under 50 can resist Duran Duran, Def Leppard, AC/DC? I can’t even write the letters AC/DC without Thunderstruck creeping between my ears…

Don’t even get me started on the Guilty Pleasures Playlist.  Mellow Heart. Sweet Groovin’… yeah, I’m not ashamed.

So this November while I’m belting out Kenny Loggins (featured on both ‘80’s and Guilty Pleasures) I’m also training my voice for my special November project. Instead of writing a novel this month (although God willing some of that will get done too) I’m narrating one.  Yes, folks, I’ve been cast as the voice talent narrating an audio book.

I should take a step back. The soulful lyrics of Tracy Chapman (featured heavily on Mellow Heart) are best sung by the artist herself.  While I know all the lyrics and do croon out to Little Big Town’s Girl Crush, it’s impossible for me to sing without giggling at the irony. (I’m a lesbian… girl crush… get it…it’s… ok, never mind.) Point is, I can’t sing.  I ruin birthday parties and tarnish toddler tunes with my quite simply God-awful singing voice. But my speaking voice. Well, let me tell you a thing or two about my speaking voice.

I have been told that I have the voice of a Disney princess… and that I have a horrific Chicago accent.  Both of which are probably true. But I’m a decent reader and while I can’t act, I get, I think, how authors wants their stories told.  I have an MFA in Creative Writing and while in the program, we frequently read our works in front of other students, in public. At a recent romance conference I was volunteered to read—out loud, with a microphone—an entire erotic love scene between two male characters.  I may not be able to sing or act, but baby, I think I can read.  And I mean really read.


Me, reading a Male-Male erotic love scene in oversized flannel PJ’s. It went so well I might just narrate the entire audio book while wearing flannel.

So while my audition may not have been entirely typical (don’t think faux casting-couch, this isn’t porn, people!) I did send in audio samples and got the green light.

So, happy NaNoWriMo to my fellow authors. While I noodle in the back of my mind which of my many works in progress I will dig into next, I’ll also be spending an awful lot of time “conditioning” my voice with cheesy music. I’m a voice actor now, after all. And in a few months, y’all will have to decide which I sound more like: Disney Princess or Chicago Mafiosa.

What do you look for in an audio book? A great story is a must of course, but do you prefer accents in your readers? Male or female voice? Which do you prefer in a romance audio book? A woman to read the entire book, or a voice that fits the character’s gender?

Rock on, Readers.   Until the book is recorded, I’ll be sucking on honey lemon water and throat drops and working my way through the companion story to my F/F erotic romance, One Exquisite Night.

One Exquisite Night 200x300

One Exquisite Night

Check out my blog for snippets of all my works in progress and let me know which one interests you the most.

Annie Anthony Works in Progress

Maybe I’ll catch up to NaNoWriMo yet! And while I’m at it, don’t mind if I turn up the volume.  It’s a Guilty Pleasures kind of day…

5 thoughts on “How Do You Audio?

  1. I don’t mind female or male as long as the voice fits the story. Theres nothing worse than a grating voice. I don’t like it when they try and do accents and get it wrong


  2. That’s wonderful Annie. And it’s an incredible talent to have a great voice. Wish I did. Often been told that I sound like a ten year old. Sigh. Tough. As far as I’m concerned, my voice is pure Lauren Bacall. Go there. 🙂


  3. You do have an extremely pleasant voice, Annette! Suits your personality perfectly!

    I love audio books for the StairMonster and knitting. Unfortunately not romance, though. Oddly, I listen to books I wouldn’t read and read books I wouldn’t listen to with very little overlap. For me, they are two very different mediums. I might have ever to make an exception in your case though 😊. Keep us updated and take care of your voice.

    P.S. I too have a terrible singing voice and love to sing anyway. It’s bad enough that the dogs leave the room. 😂.


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