I’m Letting the “Cat” Out of the Bag

Drum-Roll-Please~~~drum roll~~~ I am so excited to share with everyone that I have been asked to join in Cat Johnson’s Hot SEALs on Kindle Worlds. I’ll have a cross-over novella with my Cancun series.

LogoImageOnlyI’ve plotted…more like an in-depth outline…okay, it’s a very solid idea…of what I’m going to write. Being a “pantser” can be tough when you have to follow the rules. My story needs to include a character from my Cancun series who operates within the world Cat Johnson has developed for her Hot SEALs.

logobk1Fortunately, Cat made a great sounding board so I have a plan in place. Since I’m not finished with Captivated in Cancun, the novel that precedes the Kindle World novella, I can set up the character.

I’ve blogged before about how wonderful Romance writers are and how willing most are to help someone new. I was chatting online with Becky McGraw about her plagiarized book (see Lynn Lorenz’s October blog on the subject) and we got to talking work in progress. When she discovered I wrote SEALs, she immediately tagged Cat and the next thing I knew, I’d been invited to write in her Kindle World.

As most of you know, I’m all about the social media, connecting with readers and other authors. All the authors writing novellas in the next wave co-promote. I see this opportunity as another way to gain exposure, put my name and work in front of readers who have no clue who KaLyn Cooper is and what I write.

So come January 2016, I’m stepping into a new world…but I’ll continue to play in Cancun!

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