WIP Weekend – Take a Peek

Since November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), we thought we’d give you a peek at what the Ladies of Love, Lust and Laptops are writing. Comment below and let us know what you think about our Works In Progress.

Ann Gimple: Marked by Fortune is an Urban Fantasy Romance that Releases November 10th!  Blurb: Magic levies a steep price on anyone brave enough or stupid enough to dabble in it.      Wizards never forgave Ned for not being one of them. They didn’t exactly come out and say his life was expendable, but they didn’t have to. He figured it out fast enough when they conscripted him into their long-running war the second he was old enough to fight. Isolated, different, he puzzled out how his brand of magic worked on his own. When he’s finally, finally sent on a solo mission, he vows to make the most of every single moment of freedom.   Fleeing the tide of doom wiping out humanity, Amanda and her family escape to a remote corner of California, where they eke out a hardscrabble existence. With her parents at each other’s throats and her brother mysteriously gone, Amanda runs up against malevolent power beyond her wildest imaginings. Captured by the undead, she’s about to join their ranks when Ned shows up.     Attraction ignites—hot, urgent, delicious—but celibacy may well be the price of Ned’s magic, and he can’t risk his power. Or can he? Even though he stands to lose everything, Ned doesn’t hesitate after Tantalus—one of the insidiously beautiful dark gods—kidnaps Amanda. Defying a direct order from his wizard battle lord, he goes after the woman he loves. Even if she can’t ever be his, he’ll be damned if he’ll leave her to the dark god’s whims.

Belinda McBride: I’m working on a project for NaNoWriMo.  Its working title is The Duelist and is a Regency historical romance. “Traumatized by his parent’s passionate marriage, Lord Valentin Westfall courts and marries his Perfect Bride, only to discover that he’s married a stranger who may threaten his peaceful home, his career, and his heart. On the most important day of his political life, catastrophe shatters their world, and Valentin’s turbulent past threatens his entire family. Since it’s totally outside my genre, I have no idea about a release date. 🙂

Emilia Mancini: Writing as Marci Boudreaux, Jessica’s Wish (a Stonehill Romance Short Story) will be out November 27th.      Jessica closed her eyes as the candles on her birthday cake flickered just a few inches away. Eleven of them. Eleven candles meant her wish was even stronger than last year. Just like last year, she took a breath and thought the one thing she’d thought on her birthday for as long as she could remember—I wish I had a mom.      Opening her eyes, she blew the candles out with one big breath. She smiled as everyone cheered like she’d done some great thing.      She wasn’t sure if it was because she was the only kid in the family—the onlybiological kid anyway, there were plenty of what her dad called Grandma’s strays—or if it was because she had Down Syndrome, but everyone always seemed to overreact to what she did. Blowing out her birthday candles didn’t really call for applause. She rolled her eyes and sat back in her chair.     Her grandma, with a non-related baby on her hip, reached for the plates while her grandpa started scooping homemade ice cream. Her dad cut the cake, and Jessica looked out the window, wondering if this would be the year her wish came true.

KaLyn Cooper: A Romantic Suspense, Captivated In Cancun (Book #2 Cancun series) should be out by the end of the year.      In Cancun for a wedding is the perfect cover for Josh Madden, former SEAL and new the Director of Anti-Terrorism at Homeland Security. Intel believes human traffickers are smuggling terrorists into the USA on cruise ships. What he really wants to uncover are the repressed desires of the groom’s sister.      Recently divorced, Lilly Girard is focused on raising her two young boys, rebuilding her self-esteem and launching her family’s fledgling cruise line to worry about the tempting man staying with them.

Lynn Lorenz:  Visualize This! is a gay rom-com, coming in 2016. Evan uses visualization to make his way through the hot mess of his life. But when he mistakenly goes on a “gray” cruise instead of a “gay” cruise, he’ll need all his visualization skills to survive this.      >> She also writes as Theodora Lane:  Maximus Force, Logan’s Promise is the first in a new ex-military rescue squad series expected out early 2016.  When Logan’s best friend Billy dies in his arms while under fire in Iraq, Logan makes a promise to keep Billy’s little sister safe. For years he’s watched over her from a distance, but now she’s in trouble and Logan can’t keep his distance anymore.

the princes boundRobin Danner: Bound (The Princes, Book One) is a historical, fantasy romance that releases in just a few weeks! Nadia is a female soldier ordered to abduct her prince’s brother. All goes well until the second prince steals her heart. 

Sara Daniel:  The Bad Boy’s Gift (The Bad Boys of Regret Hollow, Book 1) is a new Contemporary Romance series set in a small town coming spring 2016. Opening teaser: “The bad boy of Regret Hollow had received an engraved invitation to return to town. Zane DeMonde smirked and flicked the card in the trash.”

Tami Lund: Exposed Intent (Tough Love #4) is a Contemporary Romance with expected publication in early 2016.      Greg pulled up a mental picture of Connor’s sister.  Petite, dark-haired beauty with an intense, dark blue gaze.  Marjory Rikeland. He remembered the cute little red blouse, blue jean skirt, and cowboy boots she wore to dinner one night, and the yoga pants and tight T-shirts she liked to wear around the house. She tended to wear her hair loose and unadorned, although he liked it when she pulled it back, away from her face, as well. Her eye makeup was smoky, too, and she preferred red-tinted gloss to full-on lipstick.      He attributed the fact he could remember every outfit she’d worn while he’d been assigned as her brother’s bodyguard—not to mention the color of her lip-gloss—to the job. He was supposed to notice details. It’s what made him a good detective.

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