In The Company of Men series by Lynn Lorenz

So, by December 3rd, all of the previously published books in this series will be re-released. We started putting them out in August with Hartwood Publishing, where I have many of my het romances under my Theodora Lane pen name.
The_Mercenarys_Tale-Lynn_Lorenz-150x240 This was my first published book and it holds a special place in my heart.

Jacksons_Pride-Lynn_Lorenz-150x240 Jackson is a secondary character in Mercenary, but comes into his own story in Jackson’s Pride. Can he put aside his pride and choose the man he loves?

Baymores_Heir-Lynn_Lorenz-150x240 This book follows Jackson and Will a year into their relationship. Things are going well, it’s comfortable, and both men are happy. But, as usual, Jackson decides his life isn’t quite complete.

His_Dukes_Gift-Lynn_Lorenz-150x240 It’s winter. And it’s Yule. Gift giving is the tradition, and Duke Logan must host 12 nights of feasting and gift giving. When a stranger appears and Logan locks Drake out of his bedroom, Drake is confused and angry.

Silent_Lodge-Lynn_Lorenz-150x240 Peter, the master of arms at Duke Logan’s keep is sent on a mission to the small hunting lodge in the north of Logan’s lands. Here he finds the lodge inhabited, by Arvel, a mute and deaf young man, who makes Peter feel emotions he hasn’t felt since the death of his wife and child.

I hope you can catch some of my blog tour. I’m offering free copies and a grand prize of the entire set of In The Company of Men.

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