Notorious November!

“Do you ever take off that thing?” Su-Lin asked, pointing at Harry’s brown leather hat.

“Showers, that’s it. Might be I don’t fool around with my boots on, but sure as a hen dips snuff, I do the dirty with my hat on my head.”

“Was that English?”

“No, sugar, that was Texan,” he replied, his mouth slashing into a wide grin. “It translates to I even make love with it on.”
                                                                      From Notorious, Wind Dancer Book Two

Terrence O’Connor, not Harry,  is the hero of Notorious, the second book in my Wind Dancer series, but Harry’s funny and sexy and Texan and that whole little exchange above sets the tone for the book. Irreverent, humorous, and HOT! Did I say hot—sizzling, flaming, blazing—are more appropriate words.

Notorious-Jianne_Carlo-200x320And guess what? The cover’s totally reflective. Isn’t he scrumptious? Gawd, I just want to finger-crawl all over those bulging muscles.

Tag Line:
A silly mistake pits a naked Terry with a nude Su-Lin in the men’s steam room. Totally smitten, Terry manipulates Su-Lin into a cruise aboard his luxury yacht, the Glory. Or so Terry thinks…

I couldn’t decide on a better way to start the week than by giving you a little teaser from Notorious AND read on at the end for a giveaway!

Notorious Teaser Excerpt:


“While I appreciate the view of your sweet little body, darlin’, you do realize that this is the men’s steam room, not the women’s?”

Naked, lying on a neon orange beach towel, eyes covered by one forearm, Jenny Su-Lin Taylor didn’t react.

At first.

As the whiskied baritone rumbled into her foggy tranquility, she jerked to a sitting position. Frantic eyes darted left, then right, and took a frenzied sweep of the mists swirling around the small chamber. A thousand Japanese Taiko drums pounded a war beat in her ears. Blood surged to the rhythm, pulsing hysterical tattoos at her wrists, throat, and temples.

She stopped breathing, moving, thinking, when eyes the color of storm clouds racing across a typhoon sky manacled her gaze.

Fantasy and reality merged.


Thor, God of Battle and Thunder, materialized through dissipating, opaque steam curls.


High, sculpted cheekbones, a square, stubborn jawline chiseled by anvils, her most erotic fantasy come to life sprawled on the marble ledge opposite. Wheat-streaked hair fired with auburn glints brushed the broadest shoulders she’d ever seen. One knee bent, the man leaned on a thick, muscled forearm, Popeye biceps bulging.

He drained the oxygen out of Su-Lin’s lungs.

Out of the room.

All about her, magic pooled.

Balmy condensation caressed her shoulders, the barest sigh of enchantment escaped her lips, and the world, no, the universe, pivoted on the mythical deity reclining before her eyes, glorious in his nudity. She’s heartbeat cavorted into loud, insistent hammering, which swelled to fever pitch. She noticed small details—the way the faint dusting of golden hairs on his torso swirled to the right, a thick forefinger stroking peach-pink marble, his taut stomach lifting and falling.

Around his neck hung a gold chain, and a dazzling pendant with intricate engravings punctuated a chest so defined, so Norse god-like, her fingers tingled with the urge to trace each ridge…

Fire licked every inch of skin, flared up her spine, and connected with her brain, igniting a frenzied desire. She scrambled for the towel. Nails scraped the moist marble—she clutched shaky fingers around soft cotton and bounded off the bench. His size dwarfed all five–feet-five inches of her too-big-for-gymnastic-competition body.

A warrior-resolute gaze examined every inch of her roasting flesh, lingered on her B-cup breasts, and his mouth pursed as he studied her. The intensity of those slate eyes had her hands trembling, her fingers fumbling to drape the towel around her chest. She muttered a Mandarin curse when her waist-length, straight-as-a-pin black hair tangled with the wet material.

“You don’t have to leave, darlin’. We can always lock the door.”

Propped on an elbow, the man angled forward, full lips curling at the corners.

“I’m at your service, darlin’, whatever milady wishes.”

Her subconscious noted the slight hint of Irish brogue. Seconds later, his words registered, but their meaning took longer to comprehend.

She couldn’t manage anything more than a panted “Oh.”

The Pause button that had suspended her brain functions thus far clicked off. Fast-forward took over, and she twirled around, intent on escape.

“I like the view from behind too, darlin’. That’s one fine backside.” He ended his pronouncement with a chuckle, which made her skin smolder even more.



Without you, my readers, I wouldn’t be writing. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking your valuable time to read my books.

As a small token of my heartfelt gratefulness to you, my readers, I’ll enter anyone who leaves a comment either on my blog or here on FB into a contest to win a free copy of Notorious when it’s released—make sure to included your email address.

The Viking will pick the winner. (I put the names in a numbered worksheet and he picks a number).

Winner (or winners—I reserve the right to be really thankful ) will be announced on Wednesday, November 25, 2015 on Twitter, my Facebook Author Page and my personal page, and here on my blog. All you have to do to claim your prize is email me at

Have a monstrous Monday!



11 thoughts on “Notorious November!

  1. Well the “broken-down” athlete doesn’t sound like a real great catch (hehehe) but I will take a hot cowboy in a sauna any day of the week! Yes please! DaYUM!

    I am super excited for new words from you!


      • Sounds great. And I forgot to leave my email before cause you know I would love to win a copy. Since moving my book budget is now my mortgage payment so winning a book or a gift card is the only way I have a book budget! *sad sigh*

        emial – hhand (at) sasktel (dot) net

        Thanks for being so generous. 🙂


      • OMG Jianne I am so embarassed! I was offline for over a week cause my laptop broke and I am catching up on things. I am thrilled to see this & will email you. I also understand if you chose someone else cause I didn’t back to you right away.


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