Bears and Goddesses, Oh My

Lately  my taste in romance has been shifting… and I do mean that literally. I don’t know about you, but something about a shifter story makes me want to hunker down under blankets with my coziest socks, a warm beverage, and just get lost in story. (Even in LA, it’s finally “cold” here!)

Writing a shifter story starts I think like any other story… with characters, a compelling “problem,” a setting that you can’t get out of your mind. Add a love story that must be told, and some fantastic shifter mythology and world building.  And of course hot sex, a steamy shift, physical, visceral, larger than life action…

So let me know what you think.  Part Irish legend, part social commentary, part lesbian love story. Here’s a little glimpse into my bear shifter romance work in progress, Airmid’s Daughter.

A mother’s choice…

Twenty years ago, Aenit committed an unthinkable act: rather than bring her human lover into the clam, she ran away, depriving her infant child of her legacy, her community, her identity. But five years later, mother and daughter returned… Aenit was four months pregnant… and they came home without the man. They never spoke of him or their years on the outside again.

A daughter’s secret…

For twenty years, Gabdanielle has worked to take her rightful place among her clan. Born into an ancient sacred clan of bear shifters, Gaby is rigorously trained in physical, emotional, and spiritual arts. But something isn’t right. Year passes after year and Gaby does not experience her first shift, causing her best friend, her family, and her clan to question.

Gaby was only five when her mother returned to the clan, a little brother on the way. But she remembers. Gabby remembers the things no one speaks of, and as she integrates into the clan and learns of her power and her destiny, she makes a single solemn vow: revenge.

When Gaby’s much younger brother experiences his first shift before she does, the elders suspect there is much Gaby isn’t telling them… and before anyone discovers her plan, Gaby decides she can’t wait for her first shift to fulfill her destiny.

A love born of death…

Roxette has loved Gaby since the moment the thoughtful, quiet beauty returned to the clan. The serious child turned into an elegant warrior, a thoughtful confidante, and the object of Roxie’s eternal love. But there is something holding Gaby back from loving Roxie … and no matter how many years they have spent as friends, Roxie is no closer to learning Gaby’s truth. Until the night Gaby’s younger brother shifts for the first time… and Gaby takes off without a word. Roxie knows there will be no future with Gaby unless she settles her score with the past.  But alone, fighting her own spirit, Gaby’s fate seems nothing short of doomed.  Roxie must choose helping her love in her poisonous quest… or risk leaving her to die.

Airmid’s Daughter Pinterest Inspiration Board

Enjoy if you’d like some images on my Pinterest board–see what gets my shifter mojo flowing. And feel free to comment on your favorite shifter stories, animals, themes. Do you do wolf, bears, or dragons? Dragon-shifting… I gotta try writing one of those someday… Happy reading!



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