Stranded in Time


A disgruntled heiress and a sexy Scottish laird are drawn together by a determined ghost whose love—and magic—reach beyond the grave.

Siobhan Macquire looked for the right man all her life—someone who’d love her, not her money. Heiress to a whiskey fortune, she attracted a string of men out to drain her for everything they could get. Her last boyfriend was no exception. Despondent about being used—again—she goes for a walk in the Highlands to think things through, determined to alter her pick-a-loser pattern.
She wanders alone for hours with the weather steadily growing worse—except there don’t seem to be any nearby villages anymore. Soaking wet and scared, she’s relieved when someone calls out to her, and a stunning man emerges from the mist. Except when she looks closer, there’s a whole lot wrong. His kilt is way too long, and he talks with an archaic accent.
Is it possible she’s not only lost in the countryside, but also in time?
.99 during preorder only!


This will be my last regular post on Love, Lust, and Laptops. I’ve made a full commitment to being an Indie author, which means I’m getting 18 books back from publishers between now and 12/31. While I’m thrilled to bits at becoming mistress of my own ship. deciding how to re-release them in a way that makes sense has taken me some time because I’m still writing new material too. All of the books I’m getting back require significant re-writing and re-editing. Obviously, they all need new cover art, so I’ll be keeping my artist very busy. Some of the series books need a last book to close out that particular world.  In any event, I have a production schedule laid out that will run me well into 2017.

The group of authors at this blog are an amazing bunch of women. Stellar authors one and all. I’m honored to have been a part of this group even for a little while.

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