Christmas List and Prizes by Robin Danner

Have you heard about Love Lust and Laptop’s Hottest Christmas list contest? Check out the other blog posts or down below to learn how to win. But in the meantime, let’s talk Christmas Lists. More specifically in how to find the perfect prize for your significant other. Since I have yet to find my hubby the perfect gift, I’m probably not the one to ask for assistance, but let’s see if Nadia (the heroine in Bound) has any ideas.

Mathis is the prince of Isidor, who wants only peace for his kingdom. Unfortunately a rebellion threatens his home. Nadia is a captain in his brother’s army and is sent to bring him to Noventia for Talin’s wedding. Along the way they fall in love, but first they have to overcome the threat of rebellion before they can exchange gifts.

So what do you get a man who has everything?

Mathis is a scholarly ruler. He enjoys winemaking and books. So how about a manual on winemaking? Or perhaps a vineyard? Both are great choices for him.

Now if only it was so easy to find a present for my real life hubby….

To find out more about Mathis and Nadia, check out Bound, the first book in The Princes, a historical fantasy series that is being rereleased this winter.

the princes bound

Comment every day of the Hottest Christmas List event for more chances to win some great prizes! I’m giving away the entire Bad Angels trilogy to one lucky winner. Check out what else is up for grabs!

Belinda McBride Bad Angels books in E-format (3 books; 1 prize)
Emilia Mancini Seducing Kate in E-format
Jianne Carlo Manhandled, Sinner, and Prymal Lust in E-formats (3 prizes)
KaLyn Cooper Cancun Series in E-format (3 books; 1 prize)
Robin Danner Bound and Christmas Spirits in E-format (2 prizes)
Sara Daniel Captivating the CEO in E-format and One Night with the Bridal Party paperback copy (US only for print copy)
Tami Lund Into the Light in E-format and a silver paw print bracelet (US residents only for the bracelet). If winner is outside US – 2 EBooks – Into the Light & Dawning of Light, first & second in the Lightbearer series.
Annie Anthony One Exquisite Night in E-format and a burgundy surprise box (you’ll appreciate this surprise when you read the book!). US or Canadian residents only to win the box. Winner must be at least 18 years old. (2 prizes)

Grand Prize: a Diamond Necklace. Yep, you read that right.

Winners will be selected by and selected Dec 19th, announced on Dec 19 & 20th on the weekend blog. Winner must be in Continental US and Canada, due to shipping costs.
Please leave your email so we can contact you.
Thanks for playing and Good Luck!




12 thoughts on “Christmas List and Prizes by Robin Danner

  1. hmm… been with hubby 23 years,,, you’d think I’d run out of ideas… but he usually tells me… you know what…you and the kids should all pool together and get me this or that…. last year the year of my strokes in December so didn’t get the big one… and he was ok with all the small stuff I already had bought and wrapped they told me… this year I ordered the boots he kept asking for… 300.00 bucks on sale he better be happy…. 1 that he is getting them…. and 2 that I had 500 on my account that I had won before my strokes and it stayed on the account until I used it.


  2. I have the best time picking out each and every gift. I don’t worry about the cost (although I do try to keep the amounts close). But after 31 year together, he has darn near everything.



    • Didn’t let me finish my post lol accidently hit post.

      Hubby is addicted to playing star wars armada so he got carrying case for all his ships and game peices…in all honestly it is easier to shop for our boys then him now as I try to find something new.


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