A Shifter And A Lightbearer Walk Into A Bar…

Have you heard that one? What? No? You mean you haven’t read Into the Light, the first in the Lightbearer series? What the heck are you waiting for?

Wait, hang on, don’t start yet. Into the Light is no longer the first. That’s right. I’ve written a prequel, a novella that takes place about 500 years before the Lightbearer series picks up, right here in the 21st century.

Beautiful Woman Posing With a Wolf Outdoors

It’s called First Light, and it features Sabine, James, and Zander. Sabine is a Lightbearer who can’t seem to do a damn thing right, James is the King of the Lightbearers, and Zander is the shifter who didn’t kill Sabine when he had the chance. Does it sound like the perfect setup for a love triangle? You aren’t far from reality with that one.

Before we get into any more detail, here’s a quick synopsis of the rest of the series (you know, in case you want to check them out, too):

Template to be used to assemble cover art for Liquid Silver Books.  It was created in PhotoShop CS6.

Lightbearer #1 – Into the Light
Shifters and Lightbearers. Mortal enemies. Until the day shifter Tanner Lyons rescues Lightbearer princess Olivia Bennett from his own father, who intended to kill her to steal her magic. Now, instead of wanting to kill her, Tanner wants, well, let’s say his intentions are anything but pure.


Dawning of Light Cover
Lightbearer #2 – Dawning of Light 
Finnegan Hennigan’s job is to protect Lightbearer Cecilia Druthers, often from herself. But Cecilia doesn’t want to be protected. Not even when is becomes apparent someone wants her dead. Good thing her protector is persistent. Oh, and he’s hot, too, which makes it damn hard for her to stay away from him, like she keeps insisting she wants to do…

Lightbearer #3 – Light Beyond the Darkness
Carley Santiago ran away from the Lightbearer coterie to escape an abusive LightBeyondDarkness_Coverrelationship. When she stumbles upon a shifter in the middle of a crowded human city, she doesn’t know whether to run away – or into his arms. Lucky for readers, the second option is far too tempting to resist.

Lightbearer #4 (which releases on 1/4/2016) – Change in the Light
Rachel Whitaker is supposed to distract shapeshifter Josh Tigre so his enemy can take him down. But she doesn’t know he’s not human. Oh, and she’s starting to fall for the guy she’s supposed to help destroy. This can’t possibly end well. Can it?changeinthelight

Like what you’ve read so far? Tempted to start one-clicking? Well, go ahead, don’t let me stop you! Oh, wait, that’s not why I’m here, writing this blog post. I’m doing this because I want to give you a Christmas present. That’s right – a free book! But you gotta download it before Christmas, because as of December 27, it releases, and then it costs $1.99. A good deal to start a pretty cool paranormal series, but still. Can’t beat free. Right? So get to it. Here’s the link, to download First Light, FREE, only until Christmas: START READING.

Oh, and if you like it, I hope you’ll leave a review to let me know. And don’t forget to grab the rest of the books in the series. They’re all available on your favorite e-book retail sites.

Happy Holidays! 

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Tami Lund is an author. And a wine drinker. She loves romance, and writes happily ever afters, one book at a time. Curious? There’s plenty more info over on her website.

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