My Secret is Revealed!

My secret is a double whammy…

I have 2 books coming out in January!

For some, that’s no real surprise. But it was for me.

I was scheduled to release Captivated in Cancun in the fall of 2015 and I apologize to all my readers that it wasn’t available when promised. For personal reasons, that got pushed back.

Captivated in Cancun-HighRes (2)But I am thrilled to announce that Captivated in Cancun, Cancun series book 2.0 will release January 20th!

A year after her divorce from he-who-will-not-be-named, Lilly Girard is busy rebuilding her life and future. Devoted to her two small boys, she’s a successful attorney for her family’s international corporation, runs in Chicago’s elite social circles, and has a full life. She doesn’t want a man around every day to complicate things, but when her brother’s former boss offers to make her bedroom fantasies come true, is Lilly ready to retake that part of her life back?

Josh “Madman” Madden is using the Cancun wedding of his friend and former Lieutenant Jack Girard, as cover to hunt down a group of ISIS terrorists headed to the United States. Because of his job, Josh isn’t a good candidate for marriage or fatherhood, but he can spend his nights fulfilling the dreams of his buddy’s very tempting sister. What he doesn’t expect is to find he’s created new dreams of his own.

When their worlds collide, Lilly needs a super hero, but Josh has to leave her to save the United States.

Claimed-by-a-SEAL-mockup3Then, on January 26th, Claimed by a SEAL, a Cancun Crossover novella 2.5 with Cat Johnson’s Hot SEALs will release in Kindle Worlds.

Three years ago, Stacie Vandercoy was stuck undercover in Iraq for six months with Jeff “Rock Star” Lennon, the arrogant SEAL who thought he was God’s gift to women. But he couldn’t have her. Fraternization is against the rules. When they were both captured, he proved he couldn’t be trusted with State secrets. She didn’t like or respect the man, but her professionalism had allowed her to work with him recently in Cancun. Thankfully, he hadn’t been in the next bedroom, or walking around shirtless, or singing love songs accompanied by his guitar, tempting her, like he had in Iraq. Now they are required to work together in Norfolk, Virginia. Again. Can she still resist him? Does she have to?

Jeff Lennon had been forced to do things he didn’t like as a Navy SEAL, and as an agent for the terrorist division of Homeland Security’s Border Patrol. For years, his only real regret has been what he’d had to do to Stacie back in Iraq. He’s been given another chance to make amends and prove he’s not the man she believes him to be. Then, maybe, he can claim her heart, body and soul. In the meantime, he has to stop a terrorist attack somewhere in the Norfolk area, during Fleet Week.

Even the agency’s psychologist isn’t sure Stacie can pull off pretending to be Jeff’s wife. What lengths will Stacie and Jeff go to assure the mission’s success? And what will they both lose in the process?

So, tell me what you think about my next two books? Sound interesting?

And do you like my covers?

COMMENT below and you will be entered for a double whammy of a prize: Advance Reader Copies of BOTH books AND a “shot” of Cancun prize.  I might even give away two prizes since it’s a Double Whammy.

35 thoughts on “My Secret is Revealed!

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  2. I love this series and can’t wait for next books of the series. I excited for the sister Lily to get her own book and HEA. Would live to win and read these . Thanks for the chance.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love this series and can’t wait for next books of the series. I excited for the sister Lily to get her own book and HEA. Would love to win and read these . Thanks for the chance.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I am a huge fan of this series. I loved the other books and can’t wait for more. I am excited to see the sister Lily get her story and HEA. Thanks for the chance to win and read the books.

    Liked by 1 person

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