Kissing at Midnight (and other musings) by Holley Trent

new year's eve

Do you remember Fantasy Island or at least know what it was?

(If you don’t, you might be too young for this blog.)

Who wouldn’t love the idea of going to some tropical resort and having their dreams turned into reality? And what if those dreams were of true love and finding that special someone?

The Den of Sin series came about back in 2013 because of a rambling “What if?” discussion in a marathon-length Facebook chat between me, Melissa Blue, L.V. Lewis, and Ambrielle Kirk. It started as a musing about Fantasy Island’s host-with-the-most Mr. Roarke. One of us commented that some television network could be making money hand over fist right now if they recast that role with David Gandy.

Since none of us have any clout in Hollywood (as far as we know), we figured we’d take matters into our own hands. New Year’s Eve was coming up, and we thought it’d be fun to launch a series of connected novellas set a fictional hotel where a…um…certain kind of dreams come true.

800midnightseductionsflatOur “Mr. Roarke” is a talk, dark, handsome, and mysterious New Orleans hotelier named Henri Beaudelaire. Every so often, he opens the doors of The Hotel Beaudelaire for an invitation-only event called The Den of Sin. Guests are told to leave their inhibitions at the door, and if they’re lucky, they’ll go home with the loves of their lives (or at least with smiles on their faces).

Those Den New Year’s Eve stories are currently bundled in the Midnight Seductions collection. It’s a buck at Amazon through early January, and it’s a great introduction to the Den world, which now has four seasons of stories.

If you can’t be kissing your special someone at midnight, you can live vicariously through the characters in the collection. Watch the Coming Soon page here at LL&L in the next few weeks to find out what’s happening next in the Den world.

Happy reading!

Wishing you lots of luck and love in 2016. (Be gentle on yourself with the resolutions.)


2 thoughts on “Kissing at Midnight (and other musings) by Holley Trent

  1. How did I not know that you shared this fun series with friends? I have only read yours, which I loved. Thank you for sharing this wonderful collection, not to mention the history behind the stories. Yes, I remember Fantasy Island and Mr Roarke. Always had a bit of a crush on him. And the series was a favorite. Could explain why I love this type of book. 😀 Guess what I plan to do this evening?


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