Another Day, Another Year, Another Post

It’s a new year, and here’s a new post to go along with it. I’m still writing, still editing, and the stories in my head are still far too plentiful for the amount of time I have to get them transferred to the computer. Not much has changed, really.

Books and Coffee

The husband wants to take down the Christmas tree already (I know, many of you just blurted, “already!?”) but I’m not quite ready to give up the colors and beauty of the holidays, even if it does mean my living room will feel as though it has doubled in size. (We cut down a big tree this year.)

This morning, I ran the coffee pot without the carafe in the holder (okay, that was a new one for me!), and had to spend twenty minutes cleaning up my mess before I could brew a new pot. Luckily I’ve cut down my coffee intake lately, so I was able to do this without losing my ever-loving mind. And no, cutting back is not by my choice; it’s my doctor’s. And it’s the creamer she wants me to reduce, not the coffee itself, but I just cannot figure out how to stomach the stuff without a little bit of sugar and cream.

And amidst all this, I will practically release a book a week for a month. This little trend began on December 27, when I released the prequel to my Lightbearer series, First Light. That one was followed by the release of the fourth book in the series, Change in the Light, on Monday, January 4. If you’re into paranormal, magic, shapeshifters, the fae, or any combination of the above, you’ll probably love this series, and you should give it a try. First Light, the prequel, is on sale this week for 99 cents.


The next release is next Monday, and although it isn’t technically a new book for me, one of my full-length novels (Delicious Deception) is going to be included in a box set. The boxed set is called Appetite for Love, and will contain seven full-length novels, all surrounding food and romance, and all for the insane price of 99 cents.

Appetite For Love_Crimson Cover

After that, I skip a week, and then on January 25 (right after my Birthday, which is January 23), I have another release, another box set containing another full-length novel. This one is Undercover Heat (which I admit, is one of my fave of all my books), and the box set is called The Boys in Blue. Ten full-length cop novels for-again-the insane price of 99 cents. Do I sound like a used car salesman? Sorry, but wow, that’s a crazy deal.

Boys in Blue Cover_Updated

After that, my next release is in May, when the second in my Twisted Fate series is scheduled for release. The book is tentatively titled Prim and Proper Fate. If you haven’t started that series, it’s about warring shapeshifters and these guys called Fates, which are sort of like guardian angels, except they haven’t done their jobs very well for the past 500 years. It’s completely unrelated to the Lightbearer series. Whereas in the Lightbearer series the shifters can change into the form of pretty much any warm-blooded animal, the shapeshifters in the Twisted Fate series shift into a dog-like creature that sort of resembles a really big and scary bull mastiff. The first book in the three-part series is called Of Love and Darkness, if you want to give that one a try. The third and final book is in rough draft form at the moment; I suppose I need to carve time to firm it up and get it over to the publisher, so those of you who get addicted to the characters will have closure at some point.

Anyway, also in the works is the fourth in the Tough Love series, which is currently titled Exposed Intent. The Tough Love series is about men and women in tough careers who sometimes need a little help finding their happily ever afters. In Exposed Intent, Marjory, Connor’s sister and a professional photographer, butts heads with not only Greg, a local cop, but also a stalker, who Greg’s trying to protect her from. Connor is the hero from Delicious Deception. (Remember, Appetite for Love box set, 99 cents?)

I’m also working on the fourth in the Lightbearer series. For those who are already immersed in Change in the Light, which came out on Monday, the next one focuses on Josh’s cousin and beta, Matt Tigre. It also introduces a new magical being. I call them Cupids. You didn’t really think the entire series would solely focus on shapeshifters and Lightbearers, did you? I have eleven books plotted out in this series so far, so yeah, I had to expand a little.

And lastly, I’ve been slightly obsessively (okay, completely obsessively) working on a brand new book that has nothing to do with anything I’ve put out so far. It’s fantasy, and it’s darker than what I’ve ever done before. It’s pretty intense, and I’m only working on the first draft. It will be a while before this one sees the light of day, but if you’re curious, you can check out the first chapter on my website,

Yeah, so, like I said, not much has changed from 2015 to 2016. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though. Because honestly, 2015 wasn’t such a bad year, and if I can make 2016 that much and more, I’ll consider it a success.


Tami Lund Headshot 2014


Tami Lund is a writer and a wine drinker. She writes happily ever afters, one book (or several) at a time. She also hangs out at a Facebook group called Come Wine With Tami, if you want to get to know her and a few other authors who tend to stalk that group.

Come Wine With Tami Lund-2

One thought on “Another Day, Another Year, Another Post

  1. Wow Tami! I feel so lazy after reading this post. LOL! So sorry about the spilled coffee, but can I say, I had a little laugh. It’s good to know I’m not alone in the silly things that seem to happen to me. It’s going to an exciting month for you and I’m thrilled to be a bundle buddy with you. Enjoy the ride and have a wonderful 2016!.


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