Memories & Movies!

Yesterday the Viking and I re-watched Scent of a Woman. I know, I know—the movie was totally panned by the critics, but, for me, it’s a feel-good film. I love that tango scene between Al Pacino and Emily Blunt.

The one and only thing that I’d change about my Viking is dancing. I wish he enjoyed dancing. We have couple friends who will break into spontaneous, wonderful salsas or foxtrots or simple swaying. Not my Viking. Sigh. Every year I give us dancing lessons for our anniversary and we’ve yet to take a single one.

At any rate, I’m rambling as today’s topic is movies and memories. There are certain films that spark instant emotions for me because of the remembrances associated with them.

Gone With the Wind was the first time my mother and I ever did anything together—just the two of us.

Star Wars—the original and first—was the first movie the Viking and I saw as a married couple (I understand the awful dating of that).

We see as a family the newest James Bond release and then enjoy trashing it afterwards.

I watched Reservoir Dogs the day after my father died and the film managed to take me out of despairing grief for a couple of hours. A fact for which I will always be grateful to Quentin Tarantino even if he acted like a complete ass last night at the Golden Globe awards.

Do you have a favorite movie? Is there one that can take you from glum to beaming?

Still dreamy from Scent of a Woman…

Have a magnificent Monday!



5 thoughts on “Memories & Movies!

  1. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers (Howard Keel is the bomb!). I also like the old Elvis movies, my favorite is Kissing Cousins (Elvis plays two parts and one of them is blonde!). The Three Musketeers with Kiefer Sutherland and Robin Hood with Kevin Costner always work for me, too. Other than that, the regular girl movies, Ghost, Grease, Dirty Dancing, see where this is going?


      • It only “sounds so romantic and sexy!” It was his brother’s wedding so he was kind of obligated to be there. And it was late in the evening and the fact I was late in the evening and I was practically holding him up is why I had a ghost of a chance of getting him on the dance floor and was “dirty.” 😀 In twenty years of marriage it was one of only a handful of times I got him on the dance floor. He hated to dance. So you are doing well at once a year. I commend you!


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