Holley wants to know…


(Gift card winner chosen. Please check comments!)

…how are you finding romances to read?

You probably get asked a lot, and I hate to be the one who asks you again, but I suspect your answer changes every so often because technology keeps changing. Maybe it’s petty of me, but I kind of…like it when folks can find my books.

So, if you can spare me a moment–*bats eyelashes sweetly*–could you tell me in the comments of this post how you discover hot books?

Let me know by next midnight next Friday the 22nd. I’m going to give a $10 Amazon (US) e-gift certificate to one random commenter (or All Romance eBooks if you don’t have an Amazon US account).

18 thoughts on “Holley wants to know…

  1. There are a few different ways. Sometimes it is from anthologies that I bought for a different author but fell in love with a new one. Sometimes it is because I tried the first in a series for free from several different sites and loved it so much I had to go by the rest. Lately I have been trying the free ones offered on a few Facebook groups such as Winterfest and then buying more.


  2. I find books several different ways. Recommendations from friends/authors and sometimes bloggers or book sites. I also get them from FB and newsletters/author blogs.
    I hope that this helps.


  3. Sometimes thru friends who read the same genres as me, also blogs, anthologies are great where I found new authors and ended up buying more from them. Entering contests and giveaways and sometimes winning led me to some great treasures. Thank you for the giveaway.


  4. These days I really don’t have to look. I am on so many blog and mailing lists I can’t keep up. The books just kind of come to me. Favorite others (and yes, you are on that list) get looked at automatically. But . . . back in the day, newsletters, blogs, the freebie lists was a biggy for me, AND the NOR (Night Owl Review) scavenger hunt. Don’t blow that one off. Find authors there and love playing the game.


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