New year, new release by EM

What could possibly ring in a new year quite like a new release? Okay, sexy men, alcoholic beverages, and a sunny beach rank right up there, but hey…so does something new to read!

I’ve been working to the bone getting some new things thrown together for 2016, and I’m so excited to share my upcoming release for my sweeter side (uh, excuse me…I do have a sweet side!)

If you’ve been keeping up with Marci Boudreaux’s Stonehill Romance series, you’ll be happy (I hope) to hear that there’s a novella on the way. Ever since we got to know Phil Martinson-Canton in The Road Leads Back, people have asked me when he’s going to get his happy ending. And what about Jessica? She really won some readers over.  (And what about Mallory O’Connell?)

Hopefully, this will answer some of those lingering questions:

Jessicas wish

Jessica’s Wish

There is nothing Jessica wants more than to be like everyone else, but between her Down Syndrome and her colorful family, “average” isn’t part of her vocabulary. This year when she blows out eleven candles on her homemade vegan cake she makes the same wish she’s made for as many birthdays as she can remember: she wants a mother.

Jessica’s father Phil has worked his entire life to create a more stable childhood for his daughter than he had. But a supportive mother, a recently returned father, rainbow pancakes, and princesses can’t heal the dark void left in Phil’s heart which he won’t even admit is there.

When Mallory’s mother’s life unexpectedly turns upside down, Mallory realizes her dreams come second to her heart, and she leaves her dream job in a big city to return home set on helping her fiercely independent mother recover. After forming a unique bond with Jessica—and a friendship with Jessica’s hot father—Mallory finds that in coming back to Stonehill she might just have found a way to make all of her dreams come true.

Catch up with all your favorite Stonehill residents on January 22!!


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