Thank You for My Lucky Numbers!

Captivated in Cancun medClaimed cover w KW logoNo, I didn’t win the lottery! But I feel like I did.

I had an extremely successful launch ofbooks this week and I want to thank those responsible for my success.

Thank you to my AWESOME readers! There were nearly 4,000 entries for the Double Down for Diamonds event.

Their purchases put me – for the first time ever – at #1 on an Amazon list:

Still on the numbers, I magically reached 4,000 Facebook Friends yesterday. Not long ago, I was stuck at less than 500. (Maybe I should go play the lottery.)

I want to thank Becky McGraw for introducing me to Cat Johnson who invited me to be part of her Hot SEALs Kindle World January launch.

And thank you to our own LL&L Emelia Mancini who is also my editor and turned BOTH my books around in record time so they could posted to meet my deadlines.

I wouldn’t even be an author if it weren’t for former LL&L blogger Monette Michaels.

I’ve blogged several times about how wonderful romance authors are and how I could never have made it this far, this fast, without the support of other authors.

Thank you!

What are you thankful today?

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