Windy City Giveaway–by Annie Anthony

I’m super excited to  welcome a guest author to the Love, Lust, and Laptops party!  Remi Hunter is special… she is not only a recently retired Chicago police officer, but a dear, dear friend.  Her suspense novel, Windy City Heat, has enough passion to satisfy the most devoted romance reader, and enough true-crime to keep non-romance fans turning those pages.  I LOVED this book.  I love Gina and her sassy mouth; Sean and his complicated family and complex ties to Gina’s past and future; and Ray… oh, Ray. The partner who has a way with the ladies…

So you can celebrate the re-release of Windy City Heat, we’re offering one free e-book copy to a lucky winner! All you have to do is comment on this post today before 8pm PST and we will randomly select one winner.  You’ll need to provide an email address and let us know which book format you need, so make sure you check back on this page to see if you’ve been selected!

So please join me in welcoming author, friend, and (once-a, always-a) cop, Remi Hunter!!!



Tactical cop, Gina Aletti, doesn’t see a problem with bending rules to catch the bad guys. Sometimes, that’s what it takes in the endless battle against gangs, drugs and chronic crime on Chicago’s West Side. Her new boss doesn’t agree.

Fresh from a Spec Ops mission in Afghanistan, Lieutenant Sean O’Connor has zero tolerance for maverick cops. The battle lines are drawn; Gina and her new boss clash over everything, rules, regulations, and a career breaker, high-profile case.

When Gina’s informant goes missing, her search for him uncovers corruption inside the Chicago PD. Evidence surfaces that points at Gina as a dirty cop. The fight to clear her name may cost her everything…her badge…the man she loves…and her life.


Q & A with Remi Hunter

Remi, what will romance readers find in Windy City Heat? What about crime fans?

Windy City Heat, the first in the Windy City Cops series, is suspense with romance woven in. Crime fans will enjoy a peek into the real world of a plainclothes tactical cop, and romance fans will love the roller coaster romance and the HOT sex scenes.

Tell us about the challenges of writing crime stories with your background.

You’d think writing detective or suspense fiction would come easily to a cop. But the truth is the complete opposite. 

There’s a TV show that’s popular right now about a crack team of plainclothes cops. I tried watching it one day, because it was getting rave reviews. While entertaining, it was so ridiculously far fetched, it started to annoy me. But I can understand why the writer(s) threw everything but the kitchen sink into the plot. Real police work, while dangerous, is never that complex.

My biggest challenge as a cop slash writer is creating a mind-boggling mystery with lots of twists and turns. Honestly? That is not what the average cop deals with on a daily basis, especially beat cops. The John Wayne Gacy cases are far and few between. Most crimes are gang and drug related and not that mysterious. Pretty mundane stuff.

 I’ve dipped into my stash of creative liberty to pump up the adrenaline in WCH. And I’ve had a few fellow cop-friends call me out on it, too.

Tell us about your non-writing work before you retired and how that influences your stories.

I worked some of the toughest streets in the city of Chicago. I worked patrol in a blue and white, and like Gina and Sean, worked plainclothes in tactical. I taught for a few years in the police academy. My favorite assignment was in a patrol car, which is why my books all feature beat cops.

What are readers going to love about Gina?

Gina Aletti is never boring. She doesn’t always heed that inner filter that should keep her mouth shut. Sean would say she has no fear. She has a good heart, but it usually gets her into trouble. But she is endearingly naive for a big city cop, and she struggles to find a balance between being a hard-ass policewoman and … a girl. Readers will discover a bit of themselves in Gina Aletti.

What about Sean?

I can’t count how many times I’ve heard, “I fell in love with Sean O’Connor.” He’s Army special forces, a war veteran and American hero, a reformed bad boy who worked his way up the CPD ladder. He’s a gentleman, which wins Gina’s reluctant heart, but his by-the-book standards make her crazy. He will tease Gina one minute and comfort her the next. And, of course, he’s a genuine badass. I like Alpha males, so Sean is all Alpha male.

Ray Lopez, Gina’s partner, is the ying to Gina’s yang. He has a quirky sense of humor and an easy going, it’s all good in the hood, kind of attitude toward life, even the difficult stuff. He tries his best to reign Gina in, and usually fails. While Gina will get easily frazzled, Ray is as calm as a bowl of jello. Ray Lopez is based on my first partner, Ray Saragosa. I’ve tried my best to make Ray Lopez as close to the real guy as possible, lol! 

If you don’t win the giveaway, you can buy Windy City Heat here: Buy Windy City Heat

Keep in touch with Remi and the Windy City Cops series here: Facebook Remi Hunter

8 thoughts on “Windy City Giveaway–by Annie Anthony

    • Holly! You are our lucky winner! Can you please comment here or email me with your email address and the format of the book you need and we’ll send it? If you put your email you can write it in funky spelling to keep it private like this:

      holly at g mail dot com

      That kind of thing. Congrats!


  1. Wow, how did I not know about this?! This book sounds great! Really would love to win a copy! Even if I don’t, I can’t wait til I get to read it! I will definitely be grabbing a copy!

    Goodluck everyone!!


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