Men vs Women on Valentine’s Day

PechangaGreatOak-couple-dining_smWhen February rolls around, most women start to think about chocolate hearts and roses and maybe even strawberries dipped in chocolate. A nice dinner out, without kids, at a restaurant with a real tablecloth and cloth napkins where the menus that aren’t sticky, would be heaven. Add a bottle of wine to that fantasy and she’d do anything he wanted. Even that.

mardi grasMen on the other hand, according to Macho Marine, start out the month trying to find a way to finagle a trip to New Orleans for Mardi Gras where “they celebrate the way men should “.  I guess that means a place where testosterone skyrockets and pheromones saturate the air as mass quantities of alcohol are consumed and inhibitions are shrugged off at the city line.

lovely-red-roses-and-chocolate-heartOnce men realize that they are in a committed relationship, in love, married, or just want a guarantee to get laid, February takes on a whole new meaning. Anticipation (or substitute dread, fear, horror) builds as the days tick near the 14th. What the hell are they going to get her for that terrorizing holiday, Valentine’s Day. Some men go with the tried and true basics; heart-shaped box of candy–that Whitman’s has made $millions off of since 1842– and overpriced red roses that will die within a week.

Ladies, I suggest this year you tell men what you really want….a romance novel. Offer to even pick one out or put several on HIS Amazon Wish List, that way you’ll be surprised when it arrives. Hey, it won’t make you fat. It doesn’t die after a week. You can return and read it again whenever you want. You can even share it. 🙂

man n woman in bed w bookThen give him what he really wants…..

Take the book into the bedroom and slide naked between the cool crisp sheets which don’t begin to diminish the heat of your body. Look at him with love in your eyes as you hand him the book and ask, “Can we start on page 152 and try that?”

Who is with me ladies? Let me hear from you in the Comments and you’ll be entered to win the Diamond Jewelry Set shown below…

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Authors Dropping In:

KaLyn Cooper               Sharon Hamilton               Becky McGraw
Paige Tyler                    J.M. Madden                      Normandie Alleman
Maryann Jordan           Sabrina York                      Donna Michaels
Yvette Hines                 Gennita Low                      Marissa Dobson
Robyn Peterman          Rosanna Leo                      Hildie McQueen
Sandy Sullivan             Teresa Reasor                    Ranae Rose
Jean Joachim                Monette Michaels             Deanndra Hall
Tami Lund                   Emelia Mancini                 Deborah Grace Staley
Marci Boudreaux         Marianne Rice                   Parker Kincade
Tara Quan                    Wendi Zwaduk                  T. M. Cromer
Annette Mardis           Olivia Night                       Rachel Rivers
Jennifer Sage               Vikki Vaught                     K.R. Grace

6 thoughts on “Men vs Women on Valentine’s Day

  1. I’m a bad one to ask. You’d think being married to a tattooed biker he wouldn’t be really romantic but he’s worse than a woman about Valentine’s even after 24 years . He never forgets ,
    He takes me out and he always buys me a nice gift. He even put a heart shaped ad asking me to marry him and had a heart shaped diamond ring when he asked in 94. Lol so for him it’s the anniversary of when he asked me to marry him and it’s important to us


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