Holley Trent needs you to read something.

tanned woman reads the ebook on the seashore i

Because your TBR list isn’t long enough.

Wait. Was that title click-bait? My bad. But since you’re here, I need your help.

Yes, you, dear reader! You’re the exact person I need help from.

It’s contest season in Romancelandia, which means lots of writing organizations are sponsoring contests for works published in 2015.

I’m in one of those organizations, and I’m using my slot here at the blog this week to beg for a little help. Passionate Ink is an RWA chapter and the only chapter dedicated to supporting authors of super-sexy romance. Our annual contest is called the Passionate Plume, and we’re soliciting judges now…hence me asking you to read something. (See what I did there?)


(Disclaimer: Love, Lust, and Laptops and its other authors do not specifically endorse RWA, Passionate Ink, or the Passionate Plume contest. Holley is the 2016 coordinator of the contest.)


Here are answers to those questions you’re pondering:

1) Is judging time consuming?

You tell us how many romance books you can read in a month, and we’ll send you that many to judge. Think you can only squeeze in a novella or two? Every little bit helps (ESPECIALLY if you read niche romances.)

2) Can I read entries on my e-reader?

As long as that e-reader likes PDFs. 😀

3) Are my scores anonymous?

Only the members of the PI board will know what you read and how you rated your panel.

4) Can I opt out of categories I’m not familiar/comfortable with?


5) When do I get my books?

The contest closes to entries on April 15th. Judging packets for the largest categories will start going out somewhat prior to that.

6) Yay, free erotic romance books! How do I sign up?

Just fill out this simple form.

I’m not only an author, but a pretty voracious romance reader, too. I judge a bunch of contests every year, and have discovered lots of authors whose new releases I stalk. (I can’t name them here for obvious reasons.)

Maybe you’ll find a few new favorites this year, too! Plus, you get to pick the best of the best, and that’s pretty cool.

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