Soul Deep Available at Amazon!

Soul Deep—Book #1 of my White Wolf series—is now available for pre-order on Amazon!

Here’s the link:

Total Snoopy Dance going on this Mighty Monday!
Soul_Deep-Jianne_Carlo-500x800Melanie is a White Wolf spirit healer—a maggishahwi–who hears the last call of a dying soul. She’s loved Mike Dorland forever. But her Cinderella hopes and glass-slipper dreams of a happy ever after with her Prince Charming are shattered the day her father kills Mike’s while driving drunk. Now Mike hates her, and when Mike returns to their home town, she’s both devastated and thrilled.

Mike’s the eldest son of one of the original three founders of the quaint town of Chabegawn, and a half-breed wolf who’s found his mate—Melanie. Mike returns to find the town torn apart by a series of vicious and malicious black bear slayings. Then the town’s beloved, world-famous horse breeder vanishes and his ravaged remains are found.

Melanie’s bent on saving black bear mothers and cubs, and she will risk her life to bait and capture the killers. But Mike will gamble everything to protect his mate.

And what better way to start the work week than a sexy excerpt about a hunky wolf???

Soul Deep Excerpt:


“Put me down, you bully.” Melanie cuffed Mike’s shoulder and winced when her knuckles stung.

“No.” Damn him for sounding so smug and arrogant.

“You are not taking me home.” She folded her arms and scowled at him.

“Too right. I’m taking you to the cabin.”

Whaat? “You can’t do that.”

“Watch me.”

He was even more beautiful up close. Any woman would kill for his flawless bronzed complexion—not an open pore in sight, and even his stubble had a roguish he-man appeal. The short black fuzz gave him a piratical allure. Figured. His sexy mouth settled into the now familiar grim line. Lordy, she couldn’t prevent a soft sigh. His lips were rose pink, and he smelled better than mouthwatering double-fudge hot chocolate with tiny marshmallows. Loads and loads of marshmallows—creamy and melting over her tongue.



“If you keep staring at my lips as if you want to eat them, we won’t even make it into the pickup.”

Melanie blinked and looked up to find him studying her with such intensity that she shivered. Then his words pushed through her lust-fogged brain matter, and a wave of heat scalded every inch of her skin. She buried her face in his shirt. So not the right thing to do. No one had the right to smell so mouthwateringly delicious. No one. The wind gusted, the ice in the air a torrid contrast to the desire burning her from scalp to toes.

He halted, and she realized they’d reached his truck. Not thirty seconds later, they were on the move. The pickup’s cabin felt suffocating. Mike filled the small space to overflowing. His smell, his body, his muscular thighs, even the sound of him breathing overwhelmed her. She shifted close to the door and rested her cheek against the cold window.

“No questions, Melanie?”

Her mind was too muddled to string together a logical phrase, far less formulate a rational query. And she was too scared to ask the question. Then it hit her. The two of them at his family cabin. All alone. It couldn’t be. Mike Dorland couldn’t mean to…her?

“No? I have one. Are you on the pill?”

Huh? She straightened, jammed her back into the corner, and risked a quick glance. For a second, their gazes met, and she hastily lowered her eyelids and then studied her fingers. She kept her nails trimmed short—no time or money for manicures. Only when her lungs started burning did Melanie realize she was holding her breath. On the pill? As if she needed to be.

Melanie shook her head, but the move jumbled her thoughts even more, and she gritted her teeth. Concentrate. She waved her hands. “I don’t understand. Any of this.”

Wait a jammin’ minute. It couldn’t be… She studied the grim frown spiking his brows together. “Why are we here? Why are you telling me this? And why do you want to know if I’m on the pill?”

“Because the first time we make love, I don’t want anything between us—no condoms, no lies.”

She shivered when he trailed a finger up her throat and tilted her head back so their gazes connected. She could drown in those silver-rimmed eyes, jump into the circle haloing his dark pupils, and wallow in his stare.

“Tell me you’re on the pill, babe. Make my day, my year, my entire life.”

Melanie gulped and whispered, “No.”

His hand dropped away, and he banged his forehead on the steering wheel. “You’re going to kill me. I want inside you so bad it’s all I can think about.”

Mike Dorland wanted Melanie Frances White. Wanted inside Melanie Frances White. Inside. Melanie licked her lips and couldn’t help it—she snuck a glance at his lap. The bulge in his pants had her mesmerized.


Well, I hope that kick-started your Monday!

I beseech you—go forth and pre-order—



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