Giveaway Tuesday! by Annie Anthony

Oh, friends.  Friends. 2016 is flying by faster than that last hour before daylight savings time. (C’mon, admit there is at least one clock in your house/car/office you haven’t yet sprung ahead! I admit to one…)

I’ve been working double time, literally, editing and professional money-making far more often than I’ve been writing, and what feels like 25 hours a day (extra hour provided courtesy of that one pesky clock I haven’t adjusted yet…)  I’ve been plotting and scheming and starting the next chapters of my lesbian zombie work in progress, but I really need to come up with a real working title.  Anything I end up trying sounds like a very sad play on words… LZ WIP? (Lesbian Zombie Work In Progress? Yeah, you feel my pain.)

I had four releases out in 2015 and so far in 2016, I’ve released little more than the button on my pants… all this sitting in one place editing is hell on the waistline. So since I don’t have lots of new-news to scream to the hilltops about, let’s rally some excitement about  some old-ish news. And what could be more exciting than a GIVEAWAY?! (Twirl!)

So, friends, for your gifting pleasure, behold a real, bona-fide paperback book:

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Amazon First Ladylove Link

I’ve attached the Amazon link for First Ladylove so you can read a bit about it, check out the reviews, then enter to win a paperback copy!  Winners will need to provide a mailing address (open to residents of ANY country!) If you enter, make sure you follow up to see if you’ve won!

First Ladylove is an anthology of seven stories of first-time lesbian love and romance. Here’s a teaser of the stories inside:


Dreams of Flying by Anastasia Vitsky

Librarian Karla has always lived by the rules. Now that she’s retiring, will she learn how to break them?

Cosmic Sutra by Jessica E. Subject

Victoria travels to Thanh Academy to study with beings from across the universe. Can she keep her feelings for a fellow classmate hidden, or will she risk friendships and her scholarship to find true love?

Centerfold by Kate Richards

Jesse goes to girls’ night at The Reef every week in hopes of getting somewhere with the gorgeous golden-haired Aurora. But sometimes fate has plans a girl getting ready for a night on the town cannot begin to anticipate.

Revelation by Cathy Pegau

Lizbet and Sahra are on their own behind enemy lines. Will keeping each other safe reveal more than their new-found relationship can handle?

Mile High Pleasures by KT Grant

Set in a world of flying steam airships and robots, the unappreciative Lottie Bells toils away as a seamstress. The only bright side is a visit from her childhood friend, Diana Russell, a lieutenant in the British Royal Air Navy. But when Lottie sees Diana again, she’s confused by her attraction to the beautiful lieutenant, who makes Lottie an enticing offer that may change their relationship forever.

Daring Destiny by Leigh Ellwood

Clara has waited the appropriate length of time since Shannon’s death to tell her widow, Desi, that she loves her. Desi doesn’t feel ready to move on, and Clara is determined to help change her mind.

Fixin’ Biscuits by Annie Anthony

Seasoned Fixin’ Biscuits waitress Cleary’s family falls apart while newcomer Ella’s is just beginning. Can they overcome the choices and secrets of the past and find love and family…together?

Let’s celebrate the end of the first quarter of 2016, the arrival of spring, and that one last straggler clock that thinks we can sleep one more hour with a giveaway.  To enter, comment on this post before 12 midnight on Friday, March 25! A winner will be randomly selected on Saturday!



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