A Bear in My Office

2016-03-14 14.06.13Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I have a new addition to my office….meet Little Bear.

He’s our third Alaskan Malamute since Macho Marine and I have been married ….and all have been named Bear.

Now Little Bear has a lot in common with my books. Some authors know the name of their book before they start writing and sometimes I do also. Most of the Cancun series names were determined over lunch at the Cheesecake Factory with a few of my author friends.

Black Swan on water drawing on grey copyThen there is my WIP, the first book of the Black Swan series. It has been through so many name changes I forget which one I’m on now. It has been Haunted Hawk – which by the way that title showed up on a pirate site! It was Saving Lady Hawk for a short while but the entire story was different back then. For a few months it was even Come Home to Me. It was even I Will Always Love You for about a month.

So you see, I sometimes have difficulty making decisions before I find the perfect name.

The same thing happened with our new puppy. We searched online for Inuit names and words, but truthfully, most were too hard to pronounce. Favorite (only) Son wanted Thor or some other Norse name. Macho Marine wanted Bear. Granddoll suggested McFlufferton. After he shredded his toy then started on his cage pad, I seriously considered Connan the Destroyer.

In truth, I thought the little guy believed his name was Damnit. It seemed to be the first words out of my mouth much of the time when chasing him around the house after he’d peed on the rug.

So when I left for the book signing in Biloxi last weekend, I instructed the men in my house to have a name by the time I got home.

Yepper. His name is Little Bear. I added the word Little although I know he will not remain small much longer. Some day he’ll probably reach around 90-100 pounds, but he will always be my Little Bear.

And as for the name of the first book in the Black Swan series…that comes out this summer? I’m thinking Un-Relenting Love and making the whole series start with “Un-”

What do you think?

Learn more about the new Black Swan series on my website: http://www.kalyncooper.com/black-swan-series.html



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